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What Are Core Templates in Thrive Theme Builder?

This is a brief article, which will hopefully help you understand what “Core Templates” are. When you first install and activate a Thrive Theme Builder theme, this will come with some default templates, pre-built and well put together by our designers.

These are the basic templates that you need, in order to establish and define the way your website looks.

In Thrive Theme Builder dashboard, there is a “Templates” section, where you can display and customize all of your templates from, or add new ones.

You can access this section by clicking on the “Templates” item, from the Thrive Theme Builder dashboard:

When you first access the “Templates” section, the “Core Templates” will be displayed:

As mentioned before, these are the templates that are set as the default ones for each template type, so if you choose to display these, you will work on the โ€œcoreโ€ of your theme.

If you want other templates to be displayed, feel free to use the drop-down described in this article, to do that. The article also explains what theme templates are, so feel free to take a look.

Besides this, we also have an article in which we’ve explained how to navigate the “Templates” section of the Thrive Theme Builder dashboard.

I hope this article was useful for you. Please check out our knowledge base, if you need more detailed information about various Thrive Theme Builder features.

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