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How to Set Up an API Connection With SendOwl

You can easily create a purchasing process for your courses, if you create a link between Thrive Apprentice and SendOwl. Naturally, besides having Thrive Apprentice, you will need to have a SendOwl account as well, in order to do this. Once you have both of these, you can start by establishing an API connection between them. Setting […]

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How to Connect to SG Autorépondeur through the API

In this article you can find out how to connect the Thrive Themes Opt-in forms to the "SG Autorépondeur" email marketing system. Apart from the information found in this article, below you can find a video tutorial that will walk you through the process. Also, for a more in-depth look you can check out this blog […]

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How to Create WordPress User Accounts using Thrive Forms

Are you looking for an easy way to let your visitors sign up as users on your WordPress website? Then, we have some great news: You can do that very easily, using Thrive forms! How to Set Up Such a System?Set up an API Connection with WordPressFirst of all, in your WordPress Admin Dashboard, select […]

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How to Set Up reCAPTCHA for Thrive forms

Thrive Themes enables customers to use over 20 services through our API module and we also support a custom HTML integration, in case your preferred third-party service is not on our list. This article details the steps you need to take to use CAPTCHA on various, API integrated, forms.The reCAPTCHA feature can only be used on forms that are using […]

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How to Create an API Connection with Facebook, Twitter and Google

In order to import content directly from Social Media to your website, you need to set up API connections between your Thrive products and the Social Media of your choice.  Important! - Remember that these services are NOT used for lead generation or email marketing purposes. What they ARE used for is, for instance, setting […]

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How to Correctly Use the OAuth2 Authentication Type in our Mautic Integration

This knowledge base article will show you how to correctly use the OAuth2 authentication type if you are using our API integration with Mautic. We always strive to create seamless integrations with other products, but unfortunately there are no technical solutions to override the OAuth2 lifetime token issue that is described below. We recommend you use the […]

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What Are Email Delivery Services For? (Asset Delivery Feature)

Through the Thrive Dashboard, you can create connections to various email related services to use with our products. While most users will be familiar with email marketing services (a.k.a. autoresponders) such as Aweber, MailChimp, ConvertKit and ActiveCampaign, there's another category of service that is less well known: email delivery services. ​Email delivery services include mailgun, Sparkpost, […]

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How did the API manager change?

You probably noticed that the way the API connections manager is illlustrated in the video tutorials and the way they look now is different. With the launch of Thrive Dashboard, there have been changes on how to create a new API connection.How to create a new API connectionBefore the Thrive Dashboard releaseThe first step would have been to go […]

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How to Connect to All API Services – All Video Tutorials

Simply click on the logo below to view the video tutorial for connecting to each API service:-

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How to Connect to GoToWebinar through the API

Thrive Themes products connect to GoToWebinar through the API.  Watch the video below to learn more:-

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