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How to Hide/Show Breadcrumbs in Thrive Theme Builder

If you're looking for a way to hide or show the breadcrumbs from a Thrive Theme Builder template, this article should be helpful. You can either do this on a template level, by adding or removing a "Breadcrumbs" element from a template, or you can do this from a page/post level.Hide/Show the Breadcrumbs from a Template […]

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How to Hide/Show the About the Author Element

Showing or hiding an "About the Author" element can very easily be done, both from a template level or a post/page level.  The way to do this on a template is by adding or removing a "About the Author" element on a template. You can also use the "Visibility Settings" from a page/post level in […]

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How to Hide/Show a Featured Image

Hiding or showing a "Featured Image" from a post or page can be done in two manners -  both on a template level, and on a post/page level.Hide/Show a Featured Image on a Template LevelTo begin with, there are two ways in which you can show or hide a "Featured Image" on a template level. […]

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How to Use the Author Image Element

The “Author Image” element is one of the dynamic elements that you can use when creating your Thrive Theme Builder templates. The dynamic aspect of the element comes from the fact that the actual image of the element changes. It will be displayed depending on which page/post will the template that has the “Author Image” […]

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How to Use the Post Content Element

When using Thrive Theme Builder, the "Post Content" element is an important element because it represents the content of your posts/pages. However, this element is not like other usual elements from your Thrive Theme Builder editor. Here is how and why this element is different and how you can use it:Important aspects of the Post […]

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How to Use the Post Meta Element

The “Post Meta” element allows you to incorporate basic information about posts/pages (such as their category, post date or author) into the templates you are creating, in a fast and easy manner. Follow the detailed information below to see how to use the “Post Meta” element. Quick Navigation Add the Post Meta elementCustomize the elementColorFontFormattingTransformFont […]

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How to Use the Featured Image Element

The “Featured Image” element comes in handy, if you want to showcase the “Featured Images” of your posts/pages on the template that you create.The “Featured Image” element can be used when you edit a “Page Template” or a “Post Template”. Here is how you can use it:Select or add the elementIf the “Page Template” or […]

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How to Use the Author Social Links Element

While building a template with Thrive Theme Builder, you have the possibility to use the “Author Social Links” element. With the help of this element you can link pages/posts to the social media profiles of the authors from your website. Here is how you can do that:Set up the social profilesBefore using the “Author Social […]

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