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Asking for FTP Login Details

In this article we will have a closer look at an aspect with which you probably came across on our Support Forum or probably in other circumstances, too. Below we will be looking into the FTP details and at how we can properly use them. Quick Navigation What are the FTP details?Why do we need […]

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How are Bugs and Feature Requests Logged and Released?

Bugs Sometimes your support request may help us to realise that there's a bug in the software that needs fixing.  In this case, the following process occurs:A technical support member will log a bug on the support boardThe bug will appear ready to be reviewed by a developerOur developers regularly patrol the support board to […]

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How to Add Code Snippets to your Support Ticket

Sometimes we may ask you add code snippets so we can understand the problem in greater detail.  A common example of this would be attaching autoresponder code so we can investigate an issue such as why leads aren't being added correctly.Wrap your Code with the Code ButtonWhen creating a support ticket, you'll notice a button […]

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How to Add a Screenshot or Screencast to your Support Ticket

Sometimes it's very helpful if you can add a screenshot, or a screencast video of the problem that you're facing, so we can clearly see what the issue is.We don't currently allow users to upload their own files onto our server, so instead we recommend using a free tool called CloudApp.Where to Get CloudAppYou can […]

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Help Us to Help You – How to Write A Support Request

There are a few important points to remember when raising a ticket so that we have the best chance of providing a solution for you as fast as possible:1. If Describing a Problem Follow the "Problem, Replicate, Result, Expected Result" FormulaThe most difficult support requests to handle are those that are written like an English […]

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How to Reward Excellent Customer Support

In order to assess how well the team as a whole and how well certain team members are performing in the support forum, we've added a feedback system. At the bottom of each reply there are two buttons: "This is useful" and "This post solved my problem": Clicking either of these buttons will add points to […]

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How To Set Your Support Request to Resolved

If you have received an answer that has solved the issues you're having then you can set your support request to resolved so that we know that no more assistance from our team is required. To do this, simply go to the support request that you've raised and click the "Resolved" button at the bottom of […]

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In What Order Do We Handle Support Tickets?

When you create a support ticket, your request will be added to a queue of open tickets in a view that's visible only to Thrive support staff. This is what the queue looks like: The board contains all open support tickets across the entire forum viewable in one place so that our support technicians can quickly […]

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How to Open a Forum Support Ticket

You can get product support for all of the Thrive products, in our Support Forums. To raise a ticket,​ you should choose the right forum for your support request. For instance, if you need support with Thrive Architect​, then you would choose the Thrive Architect plugin from the forum:This will take you to a view where […]

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Customization Requests – What We Can and Can’t Provide

We get a lot of requests in our support forum asking for tailored / bespoke customization on client sites and, while we'd love to fulfill all of them, we simply don't have the capacity to provide such customization as part of our customer support plan. If you require specific changes to the look and feel to […]

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