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Why Does the Featured Image Get Cropped in the Post Grid?

The usual scenario is this: You add a featured image to one of your posts, and then display it on a page, inside a Post Grid, using Thrive Content Builder, or in the Recent Posts widget.How Does the Issue OccurThe standard dimension of a Post Grid image is 345 x 280 pixels, shown as a squared […]

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Rise Guidelines

Rise is an effective and elegant theme which is ideal for blogging, affiliate marketing and other online businesses.Recommended Image SizesThumbnail featured image: 238 pxWide featured image with sidebar: 750 pxAuthor image: 95 pxRelated posts image: 270 pxFull width image: 1920 pxQuote post featured image: 260 pxRecent posts thumbnail image: 80 px

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Storied Guidelines

Storied is a theme optimized for blogging and it looks fantastic with the use of images and other media. It can also be customized to a simple, minimalist site for text-only content.Recommended Image SizesHere are the recommended image sizes for use in the Storied theme:​Wide, full width featured image: 1270pxWide featured image with sidebar or […]

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Pressive Guidelines

Pressive is a stylish marketing theme that's great for building sales pages and landing pages and also comes with extensive blogging options.Recommended Image SizesHere are the recommended image sizes to fit the theme's dimensions:​Title section image: 1920pxFull width featured image: 1110pxWide featured image (with sidebar): 662pxThumbnail featured image: 236pxAuthor image (author widget, custom image): 272pxBlog […]

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Performag Guidelines

Performag is our first magazine theme, ideally suited for sites that are monetized by display advertising. It is also designed specifically to increase user engagement on the site, so that you can get more pageviews and more ad impressions. Recommended Image Sizes Wide featured image: 679px Thumbnail featured image: 220px Full width featured image/large homepage image: 1060px Video/audio […]

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Voice Guidelines

Voice is a uniquely styled blogging and content marketing theme. All of the usual landing page templates and features are also available, but where the theme really shines is when it is used mainly as a content platform, with landing pages and offer pages to support it. Recommended Image Sizes Recommended image widths to fit […]

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Squared Guidelines

Squared is a flat design multi-purpose theme. It is an excellent theme for creating beautiful sales pages, landing pages and marketing sites, but it will also serve brilliantly as a blogging theme. Recommended Image Sizes Featured images in general*: 1920px Thumbnail style featured image: 220px Blog page featured image: 800px Full width page section: 1920px *Unless otherwise set […]

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Minus Guidelines

Minus is a minimal design multi-purpose theme. It can be used for anything from marketing sites and sales pages to personal blogs. Thanks to the minimal design which consists mostly of typography and white space, it’s also “branding free” in a sense. This makes it a useful theme for a wide range of markets and […]

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Ignition Guidelines

Ignition is a multi purpose theme, suitable for many types of websites. With it’s full-width style and design choices made for some elements, marketing pages and landing pages look especially good when built with Ignition. Recommended Image Sizes Here are the ideal image widths for the Ignition theme layout: Featured image on a page with […]

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Luxe Guidelines

Luxe is a multi-purpose theme and suitable for many different kinds of websites. The design is very elegant and classy and it’s on the minimal side. For any site where you want to convey a sense of luxury or where you just want to have a strong focus on content and readability, Luxe is a […]

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