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How to Configure the Thrive Author Box

By using Thrive Themes, you can choose to show an "About the Author" box at the bottom of your blog posts.Displaying the Author BoxIn order to activate this feature, you need to go to your WordPress dashboard and access the Thrive Dashboard > Theme Options: The next step is to select the Blog Settings option from […]

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How to Use the Image Resize feature

The Image Resize feature can be found by accessing the Theme Options item from the Thrive Dashboard: In the Theme Options section, look for the "Performance" option and click on it: Next to the "Image Resize" text is a green question mark icon. Hover over it to find more details about this feature: After you have […]

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What Happens When You Have Custom CSS on Your Theme and a Certain Page

There are various cases in which someone adds a custom CSS code on a Thrive Theme or on a certain page/post. The reason why someone would proceed this way is because certain properties, such as colors, for instance, cannot be modified using the respective theme or plugin's features. Therefore, if you choose to add custom CSS code to […]

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How to Change the Logo Size

To change the size of the logo displayed in your theme, go to “Appearance” -> “Customize” in your WordPress admin dashboard:  In the theme customizer, go to the “Header” section and you’ll see an “Image Logo Width” field:  Here, you can enter a value, which will be applied as the maximum width for the logo, in pixels […]

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How to use Image optimization in Thrive Themes

Why to use image optimization? Image optimization is very important because the speed in which your website / pages are loaded is essential for the visitor’s first opinion. If you have huge pictures on your page and the bandwidth of the visitor is limited then your visitors have to wait until they are loaded. This […]

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How to set up Post / Page Specific Options with Thrive Themes

If you have a Thrive Theme, then you have access to a lot of post/page level options that allow you to configure exactly how you want the post or page to be displayed.​These options are found in the default WordPress edit view underneath the normal WordPress editor A breakdown of the OptionsThe majority of the […]

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Excerpts and Full Content Display

On your blog page you can choose between setting an excerpt (a shortened version of the post) or the full content of the post.Thrive Theme SettingIn order to change this setting you should go to "Thrive Dashboard"​: In the Thrive Dashboard, click on the Theme options button of your themes card: In the theme options, […]

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How to load scripts/custom CSS on individual posts/pages in Thrive Themes

If you're using a Thrive Theme then you can have the ability to load scripts / custom CSS both at sitewide level and at post or page level.How to Add Custom Code at Page LevelWhile editing a post or page using the default WordPress editor, you'll notice that there are a bunch of Thrive Theme […]

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How to turn on/off breadcrumbs on individual posts/pages in Thrive Themes

Breadcrumbs are a useful navigation feature of Thrive Themes, you can see below how to turn on/off on invidual posts/pages. As recap, if you want to turn on/off generally, for all of the posts / pages then go to WordPress control panel >> Thrive Themes >> Thrive Options >> General settings and set the “Display […]

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How to change the sidebar position in Thrive Themes

Go to WordPress control panel >> Thrive Themes >> Thrive Options >> Style & Layout Settings and there set the Sidebar alignment to which you want. Left or Right. This change will affect pages and posts also.

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