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How to Set the Right Permissions for a New API Key in SendOwl

There is an important aspect to consider when you are adding a new set of API keys to your SendOwl account in order to connect it with Thrive Apprentice.Setting the right permissionsAfter you click on the “Add API key” button (from the SendOwl Settings - API) you will see that a pop-up window will open […]

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SendOwl Integration – How Does the Purchasing Process work?

After you have created your course(s) in Thrive Apprentice and you have completed the SendOwl Settings as well, the products you have set up in SendOwl, will be ready to be sold. This is how the purchasing process will work: You will set up the purchasing links of your products. There are two ways in which […]

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How to Add SendOwl Purchase Links to Your Sales Pages

Setting up a connection between your SendOwl account and Thrive Apprentice is useful, not only when you want to create pages dedicated for your courses, but also, when you want to have sales pages that include links to your courses in the form of your SendOwl products/bundles.Where can I find the purchase links?First of all, […]

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How to Add a Checkout and a Thank You Page in the SendOwl Checkout Settings

Setting up a Checkout and a Thank you page is an important part of the “SendOwl Settings” process. Follow these steps to add or create these pages: First, got to your Thrive Apprentice dashboard and click on the “Settings” section from the upper right corner of the page:Then, click on “SendOwl Settings” in the drop down […]

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How to Assign Access to Your Course & Set Up the SendOwl Protection Options

After you have created your course in Thrive Apprentice and you have set up the SendOwl Settings as well, you will have the possibility to determine who will have access to your course. This means that you can set up a restriction for the course and make it available only if the visitors of your website […]

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How to Set Up the SendOwl Listener

An important step of the SendOwl Settings process is to make sure that your SendOwl account and your Thrive Apprentice account are connected and can ‘communicate’ with each other. In order to do that you will need to set up the SendOwl Listener. Once this is done, the end user can be redirected when necessary and […]

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How to Create Products and Bundles in SendOwl & Set Them Up in Thrive Apprentice

You can easily create products in SendOwl and then, set them up in Thrive Apprentice, so that your customers can buy them. These products can be your courses or additional products that you wish to offer your customers, who visit your course page created with Thrive Apprentice. You can also include a link for these products […]

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Using the “Only for Logged-In Users” Option of Thrive Apprentice

There are more types of courses that website owners offer for their visitors depending on the goal they want to achieve with the respective courses. The “Only for Logged-In Users” option of Thrive Apprentice comes in handy if you wish to provide the visitors of your website with an online course, but you would also like […]

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Structuring & Managing Your Courses Using the Bulk Actions

There are a few bulk actions in Thrive Apprentice that come in handy when structuring and managing your course. Using these actions will save you time while building your course. In order to see the bulk actions, you will need to first access your course. Hover over the Thrive Dashboard and click on Thrive Apprentice:Then, select the […]

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How to Organize Your Lessons & Chapters in Modules with Thrive Apprentice

If you are building an online course with Thrive Apprentice, you have a very easy way of organizing and structuring it. Besides using lessons and chapters, the Modules feature is also available now. Once you have created a course, you can organize the lessons and chapters (if you have chapters) in Modules as well, to make the […]

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