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How to create your first Headline Test?

Thrive Headline Optimizer is built to help you find the perfect headline for your post/page. You can find the best headline by adding different headline variations to your post/page and creating a headline test, that will help you pick out the highest engagement headline. After installing and activating the license of your Thrive Headline Optimizer you can start creating […]

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Thrive Headline Optimizer and caching plugins

Being able to show the correct variation of your posts/pages headline on your website is very important for the accuracy of the Thrive Headline Optimizer plugin. This is why our plugin has been optimized to work with the most popular caching plugins on the market:​WP Super CacheW3 Total CacheWP RocketWP Fastest CacheIf you are using one […]

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How to change your Content Engagement Settings?

With Thrive Headline Optimizer, you can track your different headline variations, views and engagements. Below you will find more information on how this information is recorded by our plugin. All of the headline tests that you create use the Content Engagement Settings in order to record your headlines test views and engagements. As default we have all the […]

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Overview of the on post/page reports of your headline test

With Thrive Headline Optimizer, you can create headline tests and you can also view stats for your ongoing test directly from your post/page: As you can see in the image above, you get two sets of stats for your headline test:​Engagement rateThrive Headline Optimizer Test boxEngagement rateNext to each of the headline variations, you will see […]

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How do we calculate Click Throughs?

As you can see in the plugin, with this feature enabled we will track the number of views and clicks that the headline you are testing gets on your website. In the list below, you can get a better understanding on how impressions and engagements are registered when using the click through feature:an impression is registered when […]

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How to create a Headline Test directly from your post/page?

In order to make it easier and more accessible, you can now create a headline test with Thrive Headline Optimizer, directly from the WordPress view of your post/page. You will be presented with the options above, on all of your websites posts and pages. ​Once you finished creating your post/page, you can start adding new headline variations […]

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