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How to Solve the ‘Custom Fields Unavailable’ Error

It may happen that you encounter the 'Custom Fields Unavailable' error, while trying to add custom fields to a “Lead Generation” element you are setting up on one of your pages/posts. There are a few basic troubleshooting steps you can take, in order to try to solve this error. Add an API connectionMake sure the […]

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Why Can’t I Edit the Content of My Page

It might happen that you are unable to edit the content of your pages when:you try to edit a page with Thrive Architectyou try to switch to Thrive Architect, while editing your Thrive Theme Builder templateyou try to access your template in Thrive Theme Builder and the "Post Content" element does not load correctly.This issue […]

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Custom Menu Element Improved

Since the “Custom Menu” element is a complex one, there used to be a few issues when using it. We wanted to make the user-experience with this element as good as possible, so we implemented various improvements and new features to the “Custom Menu” element, in the latest version of Thrive Architect. Such improvements/features are related […]

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How to Allow Customers to Log In After They Purchased a Course?

In order to provide your customers with a way of logging in to the Thrive Apprentice courses (set up as SendOwl products) that they have purchased from your site, choose one of the following solutions: ​Note: If you have set up the Single Thank You page URL and completed the Thank You Page Settings, then, […]

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How Do I Log In to a Course After Purchase?

If you already bought a course in the form of a SendOwl product, then you have already used the Registration page of the respective product, and you do not need to use it again to log in. There are two ways you can access the course again, after you have purchased it:1. Access the course directlyIf […]

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How to Fix the ‘500 – Internal Server Error’?

IssueA ‘500 – Internal Server Error’ error can occur while you are trying to save the content on your website. There are multiple possible causes behind this error, such as: the memory limit, plugin/theme conflicts, input buffer size, post_max_size, improper file permissions, or old PHP version. SolutionYou can try the following things to solve this error: […]

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How to Fix the ‘404 – Not Found’ Error?

IssueIt might happen that you can encounter the ‘404 - Not Found’ error when you are trying to save the content on your website. The reasons behind this error can vary between bad redirects (caused by the installed redirection plugins), WordPress Permalink glitches or .htaccess issues, and file permission issues. SolutionThere are two things you can […]

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How to Fix the ‘403 – Forbidden’ Error?

IssueThe ‘403-Forbidden’ error can occur while you are trying to save the content on your WordPress based website. Sometimes a security layer of the website can be a little overaggressive and block genuine, harmless requests. This can happen because of server security settings, because of bad characters/patterns that trigger the firewall, or because the size of […]

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Can I Send Customers Directly to the SendOwl Checkout Form for Payment?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. If you have set up your Thrive Apprentice courses as products in SendOwl, you cannot send customers directly to the SendOwl checkout form.What happens if a customer signs up directly through SendOwl?If you would send the customers directly to the SendOwl Checkout form/template, where they have to pay, they would […]

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Can I Use the Different Checkout Templates Available in SendOwl?

Yes, you can certainly use the different Checkout Templates that are available in SendOwl. This will not affect the connection you have made between Thrive Apprentice and your SendOwl account. During the purchasing process, once the customers will login or register on the ​Registration page that you have set up in Thrive Apprentice, they will be […]

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