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How did the API manager change?

You probably noticed that the way the API connections manager is illlustrated in the video tutorials and the way they look now is different.

With the launch of Thrive Dashboard, there have been changes on how to create a new API connection.

How to create a new API connection

Before the Thrive Dashboard release

The first step would have been to go to the API Connections in your WordPress Dashboard:

In the page that opens, you can add a new connection by opening the Connection type drop down and choosing your preferred service:

Once you choose the service you wish to connect to, you need to fill the required information and click on the "Connect to ..." button.

After the Thrive Dashboard release

In the latest version of our products, in order to create a new API connection, you need to go to your Thrive Dashboard:

There, you will find the API Connections card:

Click on the "Manage Connections" button and you will be forwarded to the API manager window, where you can see all the API connections you currently have set up and you can also create a new one, by clicking the "Add new connection" button:

After pressing that button, you will be presented with a drop down list with all the API integrations you can choose from:

Once you choose one, you will have to fill in the required information, in order to create the connection, and hit the "Connect" button.

In order to see how to get the information needed to create a API connection for your preferred service, you need to look up it's tutorial in the Knowledge Base - here!