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How to Add a Screenshot or Screencast to your Support Ticket

Sometimes it's very helpful if you can add a screenshot or a screencast video of the problem that you're facing so we can clearly see what the issue is.

We don't currently allow users to upload their own files onto our server, so instead we recommend using a free tool called Jing.

Where to Get Jing

You can get the Jing software for free, here: Download Jing - TechSmith Tool.

How to Use Jing

Once you've captured an image or video, you can share the media by clicking on "View on": 

Add Media as a Link

You will be sent to a page where your media will be shown. Now, you need to copy the URL from ​​​​that page:

  • Important! - Make sure that the URL has this structure: If the URL has a different structure, make sure you click on "Share":

Then, click on "Copy" to select and copy the URL:

This is the URL that you can simply paste in your support ticket:

Add Media as an Image URL

There is one more way to do this, after you have clicked on "View on". 

  • Important! - This only works if you are sharing an image, NOT a video. 

You're on the Screencast page and you see your media. What you need to now, is simply right-click on the image, and select "Copy Image Address":

Go on the support request and click on the "IMG" button: 

Now you can paste the image address that you have copied:

Then you can add a simple description to your image, and you're done!

Both methods work just as fine - Choose the one that you see fit. If you have any further questions, please let us know, by leaving a message!