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How to Create and Use the Course Topics

When you're creating a Thrive Apprentice course, in the Advanced Settings, you have the option to select in which topic you will include your course:

The Course Topic works exactly like a category for your courses. In this way, you can have, for example, a topic in which you can include five courses. The main benefit of the topics is that your users will be able to find your courses based on the topic they are included in, by using the filters from your Apprentice page:

If you access Thrive Apprentice for the first time and this is the first course you are creating, the only available topic will be the "General" one. 

So, in order to add more topics in which you can include your courses, go on the navigation bar and access the "Course Topics" option:

On that page all of your course topics will be listed. Again, if this is the first course that you are creating, your only available topic will be the "General" topic: 

  1. Title - This is the name of the topic that will appear in the filters and on each course that is included in the topic.
  2. Icon - You can assign a small image to each topic. It will also show up on the filters and on the respective courses, next to the topic name - We recommend you use a transparrent-background .png image type.
  3. Color - You can choose a theme color for each topic.

The last option - "Actions" - allows you to delete a topic. However, it only applies to the extra topics you add, you cannot remove the "General" topic, since it's the default one. 

To add a new topic, simply click on the "Add New" button: 

Then, you will be able to apply the same options to the newly added topic, as the ones mentioned above (title, icon, color).

You can add as many topics as you want, they will be stacked on top of each other in the "Course Topics" page: 

Afterwards, you can go back to the Advanced Settings of your course, and choose a topic in which to include your course: 

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