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How to Set Up the Table of Contents Element

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The "Table of Contents" element is used to display a kind of summary of your page.

It shows the headings from a page, organized in a table and when the visitors click on one of the headings, they will be redirected to the part of the page where the heading can be found.

Here is how you can set up and use this element:

1. Add it to the page

Drag & drop the element to the part of the page where you want the headings to be displayed.

As a first step, you can type in another title instead of the default "Quick Navigation" or you can remove the title altogether, if that is what you prefer.

2. Customize the table

In order to personalize the "Table of Contents" element you have to use its specific Sidebar Options.

Header & Background Color

Here, you have the possibility to change the color of the title as well as the color of its background. You just have to click on the boxes with the colors and the colorpicker will open. Choose the color you want and then, click on "Apply".


This is a very important option for the "Table of Contents" element, since here you can select which headings to be displayed and how to display them.

You will have to choose which type of heading to be shown. Simply check the boxes next to the heading types you want.

Note: You can find out the type of your headings by clicking on them and checking the panel options in the upper part of the page.

Moreover, you can change the "Number of Columns", by selecting 1, 2 or 3 from the box next to the option; and you can change the width of the element by dragging the slider under the "Maximum Width" option or entering a value in the box next to it.

When you are done, click on the blue "Update Table" option and your element will be updated according to what you have set up in this section.

You can also use the more general options available to customize the "Table of Contents" element even further.

For instance, with the help of the "Typography" option you can change the color, the type or the size of the texts in the element.

In case you need more info on how to use these general options or on how other Thrive Architect elements work, please click here.

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