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How to use the Content Template element

Content templates allow you to save a certain group of elements (such as a review box, a complete background section and more) and use that group as an element on any page or post. This will save you tons of time and help you to keep a consistent look and feel throughout your site.


How To Save a Content Template

To save a content template, select the outer element of the layout you want to save (this can be a content box, columns, a background section,...).

Then go to the "Styles & Templates" menu and click on the green "Save Template" button.‚Äč

The next step is to give your template a name and if you want you can add it to a certain templates category.

That's it, your template will now be available in the "Content Template" element in Thrive Architect.

How to Use a Content Template

Now that you saved a content template, you'll be able to add it to any page or posts by using the "Content Template" element.

Simply drag the element on the page and search for the content template by name.

Smart Uses of Content Templates

Content templates are perfect for any layout you've created that you want to use more than ones on your site. But you can even take it one step further and save elements from landing pages in order to use them elsewhere on your site.

On the blog, we show you some smart uses of content templates: