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How to use the Shadow element setting

The user interface of the Thrive editor has been upgraded!
Please, check out the changes here, before proceeding.

Update! - The "Text Shadow" option, previously found in the Text options, is now found within the Shadow options. 

To use the feature, you simply have to select the text / part of the text you want to apply the shadow on and then click on the Shadow option from the sidebar panel: 

After the Shadow option expands, click on the "Tt" icon to apply shadow on the text that you selected: 

By clicking on the icon, the text shadow options will show up: 

Starting from the top, you have a few text shadow options:

  • Color - Click on this option and a color picker will show up, allowing you to choose a certain color for the text shadow.
  • Angle - Use the round dial or enter an exact value in degrees, to set up how the shadow will be positioned.
  • Distance - Choose how much shadow you want to apply.
  • Blur - Determine the blur level for the text shadow. 

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