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Thrive Optimize: Frequently Asked Questions

In this article you will find answers to some common questions about Thrive Optimize, including the ones that were asked during the webinar launch for the plugin.

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Will the Thrive Optimize plugin slow down my WordPress website?

Does this work on any theme or just on a Thrive theme?

Will the A/B test reload each time the same user visits the page or reloads a page? 

When a variation page is declared the winner, does it inherit the control page's URL?

Does the plugin work on blog posts? 

Do I need to be using a Thrive Landing Page template for the "clone" process to work?

Will the subscription goal work if I'm using HTML on my forms?

Can I set traffic up for each page individually? (e.g. 70% to Page A and 30% to Page B)

Are Landing Pages that are in an A/B test slower than "normal" landing pages without a test?

How exactly are Thrive Optimize A/B testing counts being tracked? Is it via IP address? Via cookies? Via Referral links? Or a combination of those?

Can I use Thrive Optimize to run tests on separate WordPress domains? 

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