Smart Landing Pages:
a Revolutionary New Way of Creating Landing Pages on Your WordPress Site

Creating and customizing a landing page should be FAST & FUN (Cause if it ain't fun it won't get done...)

1-Click Color Customization

We know you have your brand colors and no matter how much you like the colors our designers pick, they probably won't match YOUR brand.

That's why we made it 1-click easy to change a Smart Landing Page color to your own brand color.

Designer Perfect Color Schemes

When a designer picks a color, it's not just one color! It's a whole palette of related colors with different hues, opacity,...
That's why smart landing pages use an advanced color algorithm that not only changes the one color you customize but automatically adapts all the linked colors.

This is the only way to ensure high quality design for every single color scheme. 

Pre-made Color Palettes

Smart Landing Pages comes with color palettes. These color combinations have been designed and approved by a professional team.

Just pick one of the pre-made palettes and publish your page!

No Wasted Time Repeating Styling Steps

Imagine a 3-column layout with 3 icons. 

Before Smart Landing Pages, you would have to change the style of one of the 3 icons and then repeat the steps again on the others. Or maybe you would style the first icon and then "copy/paste" the styling on the other two.

Not with group editing! Group editing allows you to style similar elements together. No repeated steps.

Want to style one group element differently from the others? Simply unlock it for full design freedom.

Your Logo is Already There

Smart Landing Pages use the Thrive Architect Logo element. This means you can set your logo once and every time you load a new Smart Landing Page, your logo is already in there.

Next Level Customization

With the Global Fields feature, your brand name, company address, phone number, social links, links to legal pages and other data can be automatically inserted into Smart Landing Pages.

You add the information in the central Global Fields panel ones and voilà... When you load a Smart Landing Page, everything is shown exactly like you want it AND it's even linked to the right place!

Add Matching Elements on the Fly

A landing page is not static. You might want to add buttons, new background sections and other elements. That's where the elements style panel comes in.
With one click you can add elements that follow the global style applied to the Smart Landing Page.
This means that you can add buttons and sections that will immediately match AND get customized with the rest of the Smart Landing Page.

Ready to Start Using Smart Landing Pages on Your Site?

Smart Landing Pages are included in Thrive Architect. Get your copy of Thrive Architect today!




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... or update your plugin to the latest version (2.4.0)

Let us know what you think! 

What type of landing pages would you like to see next?

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