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At Thrive Themes, we pride ourselves in delivering amazing products and having a stronger focus on quality (over quantity) than any of our competitors. Just read some of the reactions from our customers on the blog and you'll see that this isn't just an empty platitude. We've turned over-delivering into a business model.

For you as an affiliate, this means you can promote extremely high quality products and your audience will thank you for it.

In addition, we are a company specializing in conversion optimization and naturally, our own sales material is highly polished and tested to get your the highest EPC possible.

Top 5 Benefits of Promoting Thrive Themes Products:

1) High Quality, Proven Products

​Do you like recommending awesome, luxuriously high-quality products? Do you love brilliantly designed and coded software? Software that delivers more than it promises and packs a punch? Then this is a promotion for you!

Our team of elite developers is bringing cutting-edge technology to WordPress in a combination of products that are a must-have for any marketer and website owner who cares about getting higher conversions. Your audience will love you for recommending Thrive Themes products.

2) Long Term Recurring Commissions

We sell individual themes and plugins, but our core offer is a highly valuable continuity product, where members get access to all of our tools and all the new goodies we release on a regular basis. They won't want to leave and that means you'll be earning recurring commissions for a long time to come!

The great thing about this offer is that the longer a member remains, the more and more value is available to them in the membership - and all the while, the price for new customers keeps slowly climbing, while existing customers keep paying the lower rate they signed up at. This creates a higher "pain of disconnect" than other memberships and thus a greater retention rate.

3) Long-Term Tracking & Conversion Boosts

We keep releasing new, amazing products and you can earn commissions from previously referred leads and customers, even if you don't promote every product we release individually. In addition, you will see longer term conversions from customers to members: customers who initially buy just one product see the value in the membership growing steadily and we offer them occasional deals to further boost conversions.

The bottom line is that for you as an affiliate, commissions will keep pouring in long after your initial promotion.

4) We Have a Track Record of Paying BIG

Affiliates with $3-$5 EPCs during a recent product launch, $118,000+ paid out to affiliates from just one product launch, more than a quarter of a million paid out to our affiliates in the past 2 years... whichever way you look at it, being an affiliate for our products is and has been very lucrative and we're showing no signs of stopping.

​Promoting Thrive Themes products is risk-free for you. You know our products are killer, you know our funnel converts like crazy and you know that your followers will be as happy to use our products as you will be, counting all the cash we'll send you.

5) On the Cutting Edge

When visual editors became a highly sought-after product in the WordPress segment, we released a visual editor that made the competition look laughable. When everyone was talking about conversion optimized landing pages, we released a landing page product unlike anyone had seen before...

Our team researches extensively and develops fast. As a result, our products are on the cutting edge of the market and that just translates into more sales and commissions for you.

Remember to also check out our Frequently Asked Questions-page for any other answers you might be looking for!

And keep in mind: we're in this for the long haul! Launch week and special promotions will be very lucrative for you, but it's in the months and years after that the earnings will really accumulate.

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Two Good Reasons to Promote!

Here's what some of our affiliates from previous launches had to say:

Martin Crumlish 

The high quality of this product shines through in the huge EPC's I got from my promotion. This was one of my biggest promotions of the year, my customers loved it and I'll be looking out for the next plugin from Shane.

I just mailed my list again... I've got to say, probably the highest CTR I've seen on any broadcast to that list this year. And I got a bunch of people thanking me for the email. You're doing something right for sure...

Dan Nickerson 
Jay Piecha 

The Thrive Themes affiliate program rocks! Not only did I get amazing conversions during the launch, but with you guys running things, I feel confident in continuously recommending your products, knowing how dedicated you are to constant improvement and customer support.

I'm a customer myself and have experienced it first hand which has me locked in as an affiliate for as long as you have the program. :)