Product Updates

Discover the newest product and feature updates of Thrive Suite, and learn how to use them for the benefit of your online business!

New Webhooks, Trigger Conditions, Video Covers and Notification Editor – October 2021

Last week, we released 4 new features and improvements to Thrive Suite, our ever-growing online business toolkit for WordPress. But for this release, we decided to do something we haven’t in a while: We made a walkthrough video that demonstrates each of these new features and how you can use them today. This release includes:New Trigger Conditions for

Personalize Your Online Courses with these Powerful New Menu Features

If you offer an online course using WordPress, then you have everything you need to craft the perfect personalized menu for your students. To help you take your course-based business to the next level, we’ve added 3 powerful features to Thrive Apprentice:Display different menu items for logged in and logged out usersDynamically display users’ profile imagesDynamically

3 New Features and 2 Improvements Added to Thrive Suite – Late September 2021

Yep, it’s that time again. It’s finally time to share another round-up post of new product updates for our Thrive Suite customers! This week, we’re sharing 3 great new features….One of them you’ve been requesting for ages.One you didn’t know you needed, but you really, really do.One will personalize your website for each individual course student…and 2

3 New Features Added to Thrive Suite – Early September 2021

Welcome to yet another round-up article where we showcase the latest features added to Thrive Suite. In this release, there’s 3 stand out improvements. The first will give you a faster website, improving your core web vitals score while also improving your on-page clicks and visitor interactions. The second will let you build a more intelligent website navigation

Create Beautifully Designed Online Courses with These New Thrive Apprentice Template Sets

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression: “You can’t judge a book by its cover.”The reason that expression exists is because people do!Whether you like it or not, appearances matter. If you want your students to have a good feeling right after they’ve parted with their hard earned cash, you need to make a great first

Thrive Automator + 5 New Updates Added To Thrive Suite

We’ve been busy. And we kept it a secret up until last week… When we announced the launch of a brand new plugin for Thrive Themes, the first new plugin we’ve released in over 3 years! If you missed the announcement, then you just have to see this! But, that wasn’t all. Although the new plugin stole the show, another 5

6 New Features Added To Thrive Themes – Late June 2021

Have you heard the news? …The mind-blowing, software-redefining, really REALLY big news? Thrive Apprentice is now the world’s first 100% visually editable online course platform. Only a few weeks ago, we released the single biggest update that Thrive Apprentice has ever seen since we first released the online course plugin for WordPress years ago. This one update completely reinvents

Introducing Thrive Apprentice – The Only Online Course Solution with Full Visual Editing

You’re going to want to sit down for this one. If you’re already sitting down, stand up. Then sit down. It’s finally here… the long awaited, much teased, completely awesome full visual editing update for Thrive Apprentice online courses! Seriously, this is a game-changer for the online course LMS scene…No more digging through code to customize your course

Project Lightspeed Has Been Released!

Speed geeks, SEO fiends, and marketers alike: Gather round. Today, we have released Project Lightspeed. This is a huge milestone in the history of Thrive Themes. Project Lightspeed is a one-click, code optimization tool that ensures your website — built with any Thrive Themes plugins — will output leaner, cleaner code. Leaner code = less to load = faster website

Project Lightspeed Update: How It Will Help Core Web Vitals

Last month, we announced Project Lightspeed, our code optimization project to improve the efficiency of Thrive Themes plugins, themes and software on your website.We are doing this in response to Google’s upcoming Core Web Vitals algorithm update, where they will include website user experience into their 200+ ranking factors for Google Search.The very same day

Everything You Need to Know About the New Ommi Theme for WordPress

It’s finally here! A gorgeous new WordPress theme powered by Thrive Theme Builder. Introducing Ommi! Ommi features a modern, inviting design that will invigorate every part of your WordPress website, from your blog posts and pages, through to your new stunning homepage. With zero coding skills, you can launch a beautiful, functional, and fully customizable website to build a

Show Off Your Best Images with the New WordPress Image Carousel Gallery

We slipped a little something extra into the Thrive Visual Editor last week. Did you notice? A real wow-factor feature that will help you impress your visitors. That’s right, we’ve added a new Image Carousel that you can start using to showcase your stunning images immediately! If a picture speaks a thousand words, imagine how much more you can

Project Lightspeed: What We Are Doing About Google Core Web Vitals and Website Speed

Last year, Google announced that they are going to add a new ranking factor to their search algorithm: Core Web Vitals.This aligns with Google’s dedication to user experience (UX), and ensuring that anyone using Google search will get what they want from the web pages listed on the results page.But what does that mean to

Build Online Courses Your Customers Will LOVE with Thrive Apprentice

In this video, you’ll learn just how easy and enjoyable it is to create (as well as take!) online courses using Thrive Apprentice… …the most versatile course building plugin for WordPress entrepreneurs like you.

Thrive Apprentice: The Past, Present and Future of Our Online Course Builder

You know how every major TV show has a flashback episode? Well, this is ours. Buckle up as we take you through the past, present and future of Thrive Apprentice, our online course builder for WordPress. Thrive Apprentice? … Yes, that’s right. Today’s post is exclusively about Thrive Apprentice! You’re about to learn what’s just over the horizon for WordPress

6 New Features in Thrive Suite – Late March 2021

Welcome back to another Thrive Themes update post! First time here? This is where we reveal to you all the new features, elements, options and updates we’ve just published to all the plugins and themes in Thrive Suite. Needless to say, it’s pretty exciting. This week is no exception, and it includes one of the most highly requested features of

Huge New Features in Thrive Suite – Early March 2021

‘Ka-Boom’.That’ll be your mind blowing… …after you see what we’ve just added to Thrive Suite. The latest software update has a few huge new features, on par with entire paid plugins. And if you’ve bought Thrive Suite, you get them all without paying a single extra dollar. You’re welcome. Read on to see why this is a big deal especially for

How To Build a WooCommerce Store from Scratch with Thrive Theme Builder

Interested in learning how to build a gorgeous and conversion focused WooCommerce store from scratch… fast?Then you’re going to love the new WooCommerce integration we created inside Thrive Theme Builder — built especially for small business shop owners!Our Thrive Theme Builder integration with WooCommerce is custom tailored for the DIY solopreneur who wants to sell digital

New Features in Thrive Suite – February 2021

Thrivers, it’s update time…  Last week we dropped a few awesome new features into your Thrive Suite software that let you do even more with your website and online business. Pay close attention if you’re an online course creator. There’s a few important changes to Thrive Apprentice in this release. Read on for the step-by-step of how to make

8 New Features added to Thrive Themes – January 2021

Today, we’re going to set the bar high. It’s 2021, and Thrive Themes isn’t here to mess around. We’re here to take our website building software to a whole new level, and help you get even more out of your online business. This means some epic updates are on our development roadmap. But we’ve already begun. Last week we rolled

What's Cooking Behind the Scenes at Thrive Themes?

Your business is always evolving… and so should your tools!

Here at Thrive Themes, our products are always improving too. We want to make sure you always have access to the very best solutions to grow your online business.

That's not some meaningless, corporate spiel either.

We're obsessed with making our products better, faster, and easier to use. You can even check out our Features & Development Timeline, to see a roadmap of new releases and updates.

On this page, you'll discover articles and videos that explore our product updates in more detail.

New Feature Releases

It's great to buy an already useful product and know it's constantly getting better. Imagine if – every month – your car got a little faster, a little safer, a little more fun to drive.

That's our philosophy too. Deliver something already world-class, and keep our customers saying wow! Here's what you can expect from our new product updates:

Exciting, Brand New Features

Whether we're launching an entirely new product, or adding new functionality to an existing one, you'll discover new tactics to improve your website and funnels.

We regularly update our products with new features, template designs, and 3rd party integrations that you can start using immediately to make more money and grow your business.

Quality of Life Improvements

Perhaps less newsworthy – but no less important! – you'll discover our regular quality of life updates. We are constantly finding ways to make our products more intuitive, faster, and secure.

Did you know, we also use our own products here on the Thrive Themes website?

This helps us identify real-world challenges and opportunities to improve our products for all our customers.

New Feature Training Guides to Get You Up-to-Speed

What good are new features if you don't understand how to use them?

Don't worry, we've got you covered with training articles and videos.

We'll show you where to find new features, how to use them effectively, and suggest how to incorporate them into your existing workflow.

Peace of Mind with Regular Updates

You can rely on Thrive Themes to keep your plugins and themes up-to-date, in terms of both functionality and security.

A new version of WordPress or PHP? Don't worry, we're on it.

A newly discovered security exploit? Patched and secured.

A popular email service provider? Integrated and ready to roll.

Your website and business are in good hands with Thrive Themes.

How Do We Incorporate Community Feedback?

We have a wonderful community of Thrive users who offer valuable feedback as they use our plugins and themes every day, across a wide range of real-world businesses.

Not only do we listen to every piece of feedback, we add it to our ongoing list of feature requests.

If the request is relatively easy to add, we'll go ahead and include it in an upcoming release.

If the request is more complex, we'll ask for more information to understand how to develop a solution that can help more people and businesses.

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