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As a personal brand, your website is a direct reflection of your value as a coach, author, public speaker, podcaster… You need a website that looks professional and inspires confidence but more than that, you need a fast and easy way to connect with your audience. You want to present your offers and get visitors to convert into leads and customers. With Thrive Suite you’ll be able to do exactly that!

Build your personal brand site faster & get full design control!

A Website That Builds Trust

Whether you want it or not, your website is a direct reflection on your brand and your offerings. A badly designed website will turn potential customers away.

Thrive Suite comes with pre-designed templates that allow you to build a personal branding or coaching website that looks custom made without investing thousands of dollars paying a designer and a developer. 

Not only does this allow you to get your website launched faster, it also allows you to keep full control! If you want to change your tagline, update photos or add new pages, you can do that yourself.

An Easy Way for Visitors to Reach You

Now that someone is on your website, looked around and liked what they, see you want them to convert… You want them to go from anonymous visitors into a lead. As a coach the most valuable lead is someone who reaches out to you proactively. Your website needs to make this easy both for you to set up and for your visitor to use.

Add a contact form or connect a service

Thrive Suite allows you to add a contact form without installing any additional plugin... or you can simply add a button that links to your calendar to schedule free consultation calls.

An Email List of Future Customers

Your website is not just a business card, right? Your website exists to help you get out the word about your new book, speaking engagement or coaching offer. This means you need an email list. And not just any email list, and email list filled with your ideal customers. With Thrive Suite, you can offer different opt-in freebies to different audiences, tag your subscribers, add them to specific follow-up sequences in your email marketing service and much more.

An engaging way to communicate with your community

You probably know the expression out of sight out of mind… This is also true for your personal brand! The way to get in front of your audience is by creating valuable (free) content in the form of blog posts, opt-in offers and more.

With Thrive Suite, you can create blog posts that will engage your audience and keep them reading and you’ll be able to very quickly create webinar sign up pages and more.

An Online Course to Scale Your Impact On the World

1-on-1 coaching is a great way to get started and you might really enjoy it, but at some point, you’ll probably want to scale your business and get away from the hours for dollars model. That’s when you’ll create an online course.

With Thrive Suite, you’ll be able to create and sell your online course directly from your own website. You won’t need an expensive 3rd party platform!

How Tobias From Fingerstyle Academy Uses Thrive Suite to Build His Personal Brand & Sell More Online Courses

I use Thrive Themes because when it comes to marketing, it's super important to have all your tools, features and plugins integrated in one place.

Meet Tobias

After learning the hard way that online business success comes from dominating a niche market, Tobias launched Fingerstyle Academy with the singular focus of teaching modern, percussive, fingerstyle guitar.

With the help of Thrive Suite, Tobias built, owns & operates multiple online businesses.

  • About Tobias

  • How He Uses Thrive Suite

  • Results

About Tobias

After a failed attempt at launching a venture capital backed general music education site, Tobias Rauscher found himself wondering how to pivot. He decided to niche waaay down and bootstrap an online training academy just for modern, percussive, fingerstyle guitarists.

After an intense, 9 month period of creating content, Fingerstyle Academy was born in August 2019. Tobias launched his new membership site to the YouTube audience he had spent the previous few years building and sales started coming in.

I’ve just purchased Thrive Suite, and I am so glad I did! You really deliver on your promise of speed, both in terms of UI, and the general snappiness :-). And the constant flow of new features is really exciting.

Marcin L.

Kudos to you and your team Shane, you guys don't sit idle at all and are always coming up with great new features every day.

I am a fan and have already got 3 of my friends on board and they love Thrive Themes as much as I do!

Mohit T

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