Thrive Suite for Conversion Focused Landing Pages

Whether you’re creating a landing page for your social media followers, for paid advertising or to promote an offer, Thrive Suite has you covered.

Successful online businesses create on average 42 landing pages, which is why we made it easy, fast and fun to create and test your landing pages with Thrive Suite.

Create Conversion Focused Landing Pages Faster Than You Imagined Possible on WordPress

With Thrive Suite, your landing pages will seamlessly integrate with the rest of your site creating the best possible user experience for your visitors.

Thrive Architect is the drag-and-drop landing page builder that’s included in Thrive Suite. You’ll get immediate access to a growing library of 271+ conversion focused landing page templates. 

Simply select the template you like and edit it in just a couple of minutes.

One-Click Color Customization with Smart Color Technology

We’ve developed a new technology called “smart color technology”. This revolutionary new technology allows you to change the color scheme of your entire landing page in just one click saving you hours of fiddling with options and settings.

Global Site Options

Stop wasting time adding recurring information to your landing pages. With the global site options, you can centrally manage all your important data and links such as contact information, social links, logos... When loading a smart landing page template, these elements will already be inserted. Magic.

Easily Build Funnels With Landing Page Sets

Our landing page templates come in sets so you always have the necessary pages for your funnel in the same design language. 

This means you’ll find upsell, confirmation, download, thank you pages and more in the landing pages sets.

Customize or Create any Page You Need With Blocks

As if having tens of templates per landing page set wasn’t enough, we’ve also added hundreds of pre-designed blocks to the landing page sets. This allows you to customize any page to your liking or to start building a page from scratch and simply add blocks to create a fully designed page in minutes.

Mobile Optimized From the Get-Go

All the blocks and templates are already optimized for mobile so there’s nothing you need to worry about. But if you want, you can still tweak every different section on your page to make it look exactly how you want it to look on mobile and tablet.

Tutorialized Copy to Avoid Writer's Block

The majority of our landing page templates use tutorialized copy, which means that you can simply read the instructions on the template and write your own conversion focused landing page without getting stuck in writer's block.

Not Just Any Landing Page Builder…

Lots of tools claim to offer a landing page builder. But none of them are focused on conversions.

While these competitor landing page templates might look good at first glance, you’ll quickly hit the limits of what’s possible (and easy) to do. 

At Thrive Themes, we focus on helping you build a conversion focused website. And because landing pages are the backbone of any online business, that’s why you’ll find advanced landing page features in Thrive Architect such as:

Landing Page A/B Testing — No Third Party Tools Required

After becoming a Thrive Suite customer, you get instant access to Thrive Optimize. Thrive Optimize allows you to run A/B tests on your landing pages in just a few clicks, without ever leaving your WordPress Dashboard. 

Dynamic Landing Page Personalisation

How would you like to greet your new subscribers by their first name when arriving on the download page? 

Or have opt-in forms pre-filled when a subscriber clicks an email link? 

Or how about landing page personalisation to improve your ad relevance?

All of this is possible with Thrive Suite!

Integrations With All Your Favorite Marketing Tools

Thrive Suite integrates with nearly all of your favorite marketing tools, and we constantly monitor demand for new integrations. This means that integrating your website with your email marketing provider is a piece of cake. 

I wanted to make several landing/ sales pages, but it was plain impossible with the WordPress editor and the available plugins, at least without knowing how to code properly

Thrive Architect allowed me to make a proper sales page for every product I offer, and also a fully customized homepage. Also, it allowed me to make confirmation pages with the same look and feel.

Lautaro Alonso

Wow this is super awesome Thrive team! What a time saver.

This has to be the fastest landing page builder available today. I'll be referring Thrive Architect to all my business contacts!

Martin Hamilton

Get Thrive Suite And Start Building Conversion Focused Landing Pages Now!