Thrive Themes Features & Development Timeline

New Feature

Gradients in Thrive Architect: How to (& How NOT to) Use Them

With Thrive Architect, you can add custom color gradients to any element that has a background. You can even create gradients as overlays on top of images or background patterns.In this tutorial, we’ll take a quick tour through all of the gradient features. Then, we’ll take a look at the dos and don’ts of using color gradients in web design, so that your results will loo pro.

New Feature

Improved Text Editing Features in Thrive Architect

In the latest update to Thrive Architect, we’ve made some improvements to text editing. Our goal is always to make content and page editing as easy and seamless as possible – while also providing you an absolute powerhouse of features.Check out the video to see the tweaks and changes we implemented, based on user feedback, to take text editing in WordPress to the next level.

New Templates

New (Almost) Blank Page Templates for Thrive Architect

We’re proud of the over 200 landing page templates that are pre-designed and ready to go in the Thrive Architect plugin for WordPress. They’re a great shortcut to getting beautiful landing pages published, without any design skills needed.But sometimes, you want to do your own thing. And maybe you do have design skills to wield, using our powerful editor. For this, our 2 new blank templates are perfect. They are blank enough to give you total creative freedom, but have my favorite basic settings baked in, to save you time.Watch the video to see how they work.

New Feature

New in Thrive Architect: Visual Font Setup for Landing Pages

The Thrive Themes team is constantly working on ways to improve our products. Both to make them more useful for you and to make them easier to use.Today’s update is one of my favorite improvements in a long time (maybe it’s because I’m a font nerd, but I’ll let you be the judge). Setting up and customizing fonts on your landing pages in Thrive Architect just got a whole lot easier and in today’s video, I’ll show you how it works.

New Feature

Faster Landing Pages in Thrive Architect: What You Need to Know

In the latest release of the Thrive Architect plugin, we’ve added a speed boosting feature for your landing pages.Whenever you use one of our landing page templates, you can now choose whether your theme’s CSS is loaded on that page or not. To discover what that means and how to make use of this feature, keep reading.

New Feature New Templates

Beautiful Testimonials on Tap with Thrive Architect

Guess what?Thrive Architect has a shiny new feature. And it’s pretty dang shiny.How shiny you ask?Even shinier than this new testimonial template you now have access to:

Coming Soon

How to Set Up a Coming Soon Page (New Templates Set)

You bought your domain name, set up a hosting account and installed WordPress. Technically, you have a website… but you don’t have any of the actual content ready yet.Luckily, while you’re working on getting that conversion focused website up and running you can already start collecting leads.Let me show you how to do this with the new “Coming Soon” landing pages included in Thrive Architect.

New Feature

Thrive Architect Improvements & Small Feature Additions

Continually improving and updating our products is part of our core philosophy at Thrive Themes. And whenever we add a major new feature or template, we announce it in a new blog post.However, we also keep adding smaller updates and improvements that may not warrant their own blog posts, but that you should know about, nonetheless. In today’s video, you’ll discover the latest crop of such smaller updates we’ve made to the Thrive Architect editor & landing page builder for WordPress.

These New Tables Are The Last Step in Achieving A Fully Mobile Responsive Affiliate Site

Since it’s the silly season, we decided to give all the affiliate marketers out there an early Christmas present…Comparison and review tables that actually look good on mobile.And not only do they look good, they’re conversion focused as well. These tables are specifically formatted to keep your buy buttons in view on mobile.

New Plugin

Thrive Comments: Public Release

Thrive Members got to use our new commenting plugin for a few weeks already. Today, we released a newly updated version of Thrive Comment and made it available to the public, for the first time. We are proud of how this new product turned out and excited to see it used by even more people, on even more WordPress websites.


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