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First Look at Our Upcoming Theme Builder…

It's finally here! In today's video, you get a first look at the new, fully visual theme builder we've been feverishly working on. And there's more information about how you can be among the first to get your hands on it.

June 24, 2018
New Templates

How to Build a Fitness Landing Page from Scratch (+ New Templates!)

Want to see how you can build a modern, sleek and beautiful homepage for a fitness website? In this video, you can watch me build just such a homepage, step by step, using Thrive Architect for WordPress. If you didn’t wake up this morning thinking “I want to see someone build a girly fitness homepage”, you should still check this out. This tutorial will show you how to build beautiful layouts for any purpose and you’ll discover the best shortcuts and time-saving tricks along the way. Plus, we’ve released a whole new set of landing pages, all following this same design style, perfectly suited for a feminine fitness or lifestyle brand.

New Templates

Fast to Load, Fast to Edit – Meet Our New “Flat 2.0” Landing Page Templates

We’ve released an updated and modernized version of one of our earliest landing page sets in Thrive Architect. The new set is called “Flat 2.0” and in today’s post, you’ll discover the pages in this set as well as the many benefits of flat design.

New Templates

New Opt-in Form Templates in Thrive Leads – Fading Images

Do you want your opt-in forms to pop? We’ve got just the thing for you! Check out the video to see the new opt-in form templates set called Fading Image. These templates combine eye-catching, modern design with every conversion feature you’ve already come to know and love from our products. This set is included with your copy of Thrive Leads.

New Feature

Introducing the Symbols Feature in Thrive Architect

Ever since we first announced Thrive Architect, we’ve been hinting at a “master plan” that we’ve been working towards. Today, we introduce the Symbols feature to Thrive Architect and it is an important step towards our master plan. Watch the video to discover how Symbols work and why they’re so awesome.

New Feature

Discover the New & Improved Content Template Feature

A core feature in Thrive Architect is that you can save any element or group of elements as you own custom content template. Creating and re-using your very own custom designs has never been easier! And in the latest version of Thrive Architect, content templates have been made even better! Watch this video to discover how to save, load and manage content templates (plus a few handy bonus tips).

Unlimited Design Opportunities for Your Bulleted and Numbered Lists

Bulleted lists and numbered lists are the backbone of any well structured piece of content. You’ll want to use them in blog posts, comparison pages, landing pages, sales pages, opt-in forms and anywhere else you care about grabbing your readers’ attention. But let’s be honest… The basic unordered and ordered list in the text editor are kinda boring and won’t cut it if you’re looking to impress your visitors and get them to convert. That’s why in Thrive Architect, our visual editor for WordPress, you have the styled list and the numbered list element. Both of these offer such a wide range of cutomization options that you’ll find yourself creating lists just for fun (or is that just me?). Let me show you!  

How Thrive Themes Products Will Help You With GDPR Compliance

​Note: this post does not contain legal advice. Always work with your legal counsel ​to determine the right decisions to make about regulations. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is coming for all of us. It’s a set of EU laws​ and they apply to EU ​citizens. ​That means that even if your businesses is not in the EU, ​you’re still potentially on the hook, because ​people from the EU​ can access your website​​​.​​​ At Thrive Themes, we have been hard at work to help you keep your website GDPR compliant in the easiest and most seamless ways possible. In this post, you’ll discover the GDPR related features that we’ve already released and get up to date information about the ones we’re still working on.

Create the Ultimate “Hybrid” Long Form Sales Page (+Template)

Looking for a sales page template? We’ve got you covered!  In Thrive Architect (formerly Thrive Content Builder and Thrive Landing Pages) you’ll find several sales pages in the landing pages templates library. In this video we’re focusing on the “Copy” sales page. This is not just any sales page template. It’s a very carefully crafted “hybrid” style long form sales letter. Check out this training video to learn how all the elements work together, to create a uniquely conversion-boosting page.

New Templates

Chameleon Landing Page Template for a Local Business

Looking to build a gorgeous landing page for a local business? Then you’ll love these 3 new templates that are tailor made for that purpose. Not only are they on the cutting edge of design trends, they are also 100% customizable. Check out the video to see how easy it is to completely change the look and feel of these templates to fit your brand.

New Templates

Building the “I Can’t Believe it’s Not Photoshop!” Homepage from Scratch

The topic for today’s landing page build is “I can’t believe it’s not Photoshop!” ​If that sounds familiar, you’re right: we’ve created a page with this theme before. The great thing about this page build is that it shows you many tricks and advanced effects you can apply, using Thrive Architect. And of course, we’re stepping things up this time around. We’re presenting a whole new set of visual design tricks and we’ve created an entire set of landing pages for you to download.


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