Success Stories

Read the journey of real entrepreneurs who transformed their ideas into profitable businesses with Thrive Themes. 

Our Successful Clients

On this page you'll find real stories from real people who dared to dream big. They took the initiative, overcame challenges, and made remarkable results in their online businesses. 

Read their stories and get inspired to start your own journey!

Learn how a college student built a full-time coaching business Leveraging the power of Her Thrive Membership.  Watch the video below to learn how Mica turned her hobby blog into a full-time online business using each of the conversion focused tools included

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How Sa El used Thrive Architect & Thrive Theme Builder to transform a simple idea into a HIGH 6-figure online business. Watch the video below to hear how Sa El built from the ground up leveraging the incredible power of his Thrive Membership

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For this case study we moved a website from Wix to WordPress. Moving from a totally different platform to WordPress is quite challenging and as a result, there are many interesting lessons in this case study.For example, you'll discover how we completed

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Ponder these song lyrics for a moment:If language is sound, and sound is music, well then that sounds like music is language.But if music is sound, and sound is language, then that means language is music.That logic brings your attention to the

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What does the Australian film industry, Christopher Nolan, and Thrive Themes have in common?The focus of today’s story, Bradley Stevens aka Brad!We all have a dream. And sometimes that dream leads us to a different dream which is exactly what led Brad

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Is a lack of web experience keeping you from making progress in your online business? If so, this story is for you. Although you may think it takes a web design background, a team of professional designers, and years of copywriting experience

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Let’s say – like most people in the online business world – you didn’t go to college to get a fancy marketing or business degree.In fact, you bloomed a little later when it came to taking your first steps as a solopreneur.Perhaps

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Imagine this: You’ve spent weeks or months putting together your latest product launch. You’re excited as hell because you have a killer product, a well thought out marketing campaign, and projections are high.The launch date finally comes and you send that first

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A simple setup generated David over $13,000 in revenue in the first two months of sales. What was it? A copy of Thrive Architect and the payment and product delivery service, Gumroad.In this new Case Study series we’ll be diving deep into

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Here at the Thrive Themes marketing office, sometimes we go a little overboard. We wanted to test just how powerful quizzes could be for an online business. Do do this, we created a one page affiliate site consisting of nothing but a quiz,

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When you read case studies about a big traffic website that managed to increase email signups by some insane percentage, your brain probably thinks: "That's cool but it's impossible for me to get the same results".That's why I'm thrilled to feature Chris in

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A while ago, our CEO was interviewed by the wildly successful podcaster John Lee Dumas for his show Entrepreneur on Fire. During the interview, we agreed to help John with his lead generation efforts. Since then we’ve been working on incrementally improving

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We recently challenged our Thrive Leads users to really put the plugin to use and show us the results they achieved with it. You've already seen one of the resulting case studies and in today's post, we present three more examples of

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After the release of our list building plugin we challenged our users to use Thrive Leads to grow their lists faster and share their results with us. Below you'll see the amazing case study provided by the winner of our challenge. If

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Note: this post was originally published on the Hybrid Connect blog and the plugin used in it is Hybrid Connect. Thrive Leads is the successor to Hybrid Connect and it is a better and more powerful plugin in every possible way. So,

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Transform Your Business with
Thrive Themes

Everyone loves a good success story.

They show us that everyone – regardless of background, education or wealth – can transform an idea into a real, profitable business.

We're proud of our customers. It's incredibly satisfying to hear Thrive Themes has helped them to realise their dream of building a business online.

On this page, you'll find real success stories from these people – who they are, how they overcame challenges, and how it's impacted their lives.

How Thrive Themes Helps Entrepreneurs to Succeed

Let's start by giving credit where it's due: these people succeeded because of their own dedication, tenacity, creativity and sacrifices.

They are all amazing individuals who deserve everything they've achieved.

But saying that... they wouldn't have personally shared their success stories with us if they didn't credit Thrive Themes with helping them along the way!

So how did we help?

Intuitive Tools

Our conversion-focused WordPress plugins and themes are designed BY entrepreneurs FOR entrepreneurs. We use every tool we sell, so everything is tightly aligned to the goal of building a profitable online business.

On this page, you'll read how people use our tools to design stunning landing pages, display reviews and testimonials, launch online quizzes, grow their mailing list, and so much more.

Expert Support

It would be easy to launch new products and leave our customers to fend for themselves.

But we choose to support them whenever they run into a challenge or limitation.

Many of the people featured in these success stories are active on our customer support forums, where they can reach out to our team for quick answers on how to use our products effectively.

Training Courses

Success rarely comes down to the tools you use.

It's often thanks to your skills and how you apply them.

All our members get access to Thrive Themes University, a collection of training courses for every stage of building a profitable online business. Our customer success stories show many of these skills in action.

Will You Copy Their Success?

Reading about successful people won't make you successful. You'll need to take consistent action too.

But learning how they overcame challenges can definitely help you avoid common mistakes in your own journey. And sometimes we all need a little inspiration to fuel our dreams of running a successful online business.

First, select the success stories that best mirror your own situation.

  • Are you just starting out? Learn from people who launched their first website and product.
  • Are you trying to grow your email list? Discover people who did exactly that.
  • Are you looking to grow and scale? Explore how real entrepreneurs built their business empires.

Once you've found someone who inspires you, decide which tactics and tools you want to copy.

Finally comes the hard work – commit to a realistic goal, write down a plan, and start working towards it.

Remember: everyone's journey is different, but yours is sure to be inspirational too!

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