Learn how A Professional Online Marketer Builds Profitable Sales & Lead Generation Funnels Using Thrive Suite. 

Watch the video below to see why Nataliya Rey builds her client sites & sales funnels exclusively with Thrive Suite  ... 

“I know that every single thing I can ever need — when it comes to conversions and actually making more money — Thrive Themes will either have it already or develop it."

Meet Nataliya:

A self-taught online marketer and professional sales funnel builder.

Nataliya used to arrive early at her old job, just to climb up to the roof and dream about the day she'd be running her own online business...

Fast forward to 2021 and she now helps BIG clients (like evercoach by mindvalley) create sales funnels that convert — from anywhere in the world as a full-time digital nomad!

Nataliya's exclusive site & funnel building weapon of choice? Thrive Suite.

Watch the video to learn:

1) Why Nataliya switched to exclusively using Thrive Suite for both herself & clients...

2) See Nataliya walk you through 3 amazing sales and list building funnel recipes (+ 1 Bonus funnel recipe!) you can get started building right now with Thrive Suite.

Funnel Recipe #1: (SLO) Lead Generation Funnel

Opt-In Landing Page

Opt-In Form Lightbox

Thank You + Upsell Offer Page

(SLO) Lead Generation Funnel Overview

Funnel Recipe #2: Webinar / Presentation Sales Funnel

Webinar Opt-In Landing Page

Webinar Video Page (Post Pitch)

Long Form Sales Page (abbreviated)

Webinar / Presentation Sales Funnel Overview

Funnel Recipe #3: Membership Sales Funnel — 

for monetizing your social media audiences

Membership Site Homepage (abbreviated)

Membership Offer Pricing Page

Membership Sales Funnel Overview

Watch the Video to Hear Nataliya Discuss...


Why she decided to go ALL IN on Thrive Suite after trying every other tool on the market.


How Thrive Suite helps Nataliya handle all the complicated tech stuff so she can focus on more important things, like — how to make herself & clients more money.


Why Thrive Suite is such an amazing online business building toolkit — especially for solo-preneurs just getting started.


3 of her most successful lead generation & sales funnel recipes (+ 1 Bonus funnel recipe!) you can build right now with Thrive Suite!

Nataliya's Success Story Highlights

About Nataliya

For Nataliya, the secret to becoming a successful online business owner is pretty simple.

Just ask yourself the following question:

"What skill can I become amazing at that I can sell to other people?"

Nataliya's answer to that important question was building websites.

And guess what?

Nataliya mastered that skill so well, she now gets paid big bucks from large online brands to build them sales funnels that convert.

Want to learn more about Nataliya and how she now helps other aspiring solopreneurs succeed online?

Check out Nataliya's personal website here

Nataliya's Thrive Themes Experience

When Nataliya got started building websites, she tried all the different visual building tools on the market.

But sadly, they were all clunky, difficult to create gorgeous sites with, and were waaay too slow when it came to building RAPID landing pages.

But that all changed the first time Nataliya got her hands on Thrive Architect...

"I just tried Thrive Architect and still remember the feeling of effortlessness it gave me."

But what about the cost of switching to such an advanced online business building toolkit? 

"When I actually did the math, I was like 'Holy sh*t... If I buy this, I actually don't need these other tools and everything will just work!"

Nataliya never looked back and even gets her big brand clients to switch to using Thrive Suite for their businesses too!

Nataliya's Advice for Non-Marketers

"The point of Thrive Suite is to make your business headache-less."

"Use all of the tools you get in Thrive Suite to help free up your time to go become a better marketer, a better content creator...

... all of the things that will actually move the needle in your business."

"Always remember, whenever you try to open a blank page and build a sales page from scratch, you're going against people like me who study marketing 24/7.

That means it'll be hard for you to compete.

But if you take Thrive Suite's pre-created templates that are already optimized for conversions, that literally tell you what to write in every single headline, body section, and bullet...

... it'll give what you need to compete with marketers like me, so please, please, please use it!"

Nataliya Rey's Sales & List Building Funnel Examples

Check out the following landing page examples that Nataliya built for both herself & clients using the different tools included in Thrive Suite:

  1. Nataliya's Personal Website

  2. Lead Generation Funnel Landing Page

  3. Webinar Sales Funnel Landing Page

  4. Membership Funnel Landing Page

Each example showcases several advanced Thrive Themes design features you can incorporate into the landing pages and even blog posts of your own WordPress site!

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