Affiliate Program Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for considering promoting Thrive Themes - we're confident that we have one of the most rewarding program for our affiliates.

This article is to address the most common questions that we get on a regular basis about the affiliate program:-

Find the Thrive Affiliates tutorials here.

The Rules

Unfortunately we have to get the unpleasant stuff out of the way, first:

  • You are not allowed to use any form of spam to promote our products.
  • You are not allowed to use Pay per click advertising to bid on brand keywords. This includes "Thrive Themes" or any variation of our product names, for example "Thrive Architect" or "Thrive Leads".
  • If you use Pay per click advertising then you must send traffic to a landing page first.  You are NOT allowed to direct link to the Thrive Themes site.
  • You are not allowed to claim that any of our products or promotional materials were authored by yourself. You may not doing anything to impersonate the Thrive Themes brand or Thrive Themes personnel.
  • You are not allowed to buy stuff through your own affiliate link (and it doesn't work, either).
  • You are not allowed to present any kind of cashback scheme, bonus initiative, coupon discount or claim that customers can get any sort of discount by purchasing through your affiliate link.

We have a system in place to check that these rules are being adhered to.  If we catch you doing any of the above, we reserve the right to deactivate your account at any time, without prior warning and you will not receive any commission payouts.

You can see a full list of terms and conditions here.

1. When are Payments Sent?

For each sale that you make, there is a 30 day "pending" period before the commission is confirmed.  This is due to our 30 day refund policy for customers.  

If the customer you referred hasn't refunded in the 30 day refund period, then your commission is confirmed and you will be paid on the 1st day of the month that follows.

So, for example, if you make a sale on the 20th January then the sale is due to be confirmed on the 19th February and you will be paid on the 1st March.

2. Why Haven't I Been Approved as an Affiliate?

We take a close look at each and every affiliate application to ensure the integrity of the application.  Here are some reasons why we might not approve your account:-

  1. You haven't listed a web site in your profile
  2. Your web site listed has been infected with malware
  3. The email address that you've used to sign up with has been blacklisted by the various spam houses

If you receive an email to say that your application has been rejected, then simply reply to the email and we are more than happy to help you understand why you've been rejected and to work through getting you approved.

3. How Long Does it Take to Get My Affiliate Application Reviewed?

In normal circumstances, your application will be reviewed within a number of hours, however in some circumstances in can take as long as 7 business days.

4. What Sales Will I Be Rewarded For?

At Thrive Themes, we have an ever growing number of products for sale as we are continuing to launch new plugins and themes on a regular basis.  

As an affiliate, you will be rewarded for any sale that you generate now or in the future.  

Here are some clarifications:-

  1. If you send a customer to the Thrive Architect sales page but they end up purchasing a single theme instead, then you will be completely credited for that sale.
  2. If you send a visitor to the Thrive Architect sales page and instead of purchasing Thrive Architect, they elect for the full membership, you will be given full credit for that membership sale.
  3. If you direct a visitor to our site or blog and they purchase Thrive Architect and then the membership upsell, you will be completely credited for both sales and you will also earn money each time the customer renews their membership for as long as that customer remains.

To be Clear:-

You will be credited for any sale that a visitor makes who landed on your affiliate link no matter what product they purchase and no matter which page on the site you sent them to through your link.

We have a cookie duration of 2 years.  

This means that if you refer a customer today and they purchase Thrive within the next two years, then you'll be credited for the sale.

This is not to be confused with membership duration.  If you refer a visitor that becomes a Thrive Themes member then you will be credited for every membership renewal for as long as this person remains a member.  If the member renews for 5 years then you will receive commissions for every renewal in that period.

If a customer uses your link to purchase a product, but you still do not receive a commission, one of two things may have happened:

  1. A customer used a link on your site which wasn't tagged with your affiliate id.

    It's easy to overlook a link inside a blog article or an older page you haven't updated in a while. Please make sure all the links you share are affiliate links.
  2. Your affiliate id wasn't credited for referral, because another affiliate's tracking cookie was still active in the customer's browser.

    Our affiliate software tracks affiliate links on a first come first serve-basis. The first affiliate link clicked will get the referral, even if other affiliate links are clicked after it. Since our cookies have a 2 year duration, your client might still have another affiliate's tracking cookie active.

    The first come first serve affiliate tracking will balance itself over time, but if you want to make a personal referral immediately, please instruct your clients to clear their cookies before purchasing!

7. How are Payments Made?

Payments are made through Paypal to the Paypal email address that you used to sign up with.

To learn more about when you will be paid, click here.

8. Are We Open to Podcast / Webinar / Other Live Promotions?

We are happy to work with affiliates that have a certain degree of reach by running educational and promotional webinars and by joining you on your podcast.

Obviously these promotion require a certain amount of time and resource to prepare and set up so we can only feasibly work with affiliates that have a certain degree of exposure in the marketplace.

If you want to explore the idea of working together on such a promotion then you can contact us through the email address below:-

9. How Do Our Offers Convert?

The conversion rate of a landing page depends on many factors including the quality of the traffic, any pre-sales material that the affiliate has launched, the person behind the promotion that's being made... and so on.

Because of this, questions such as "What's the EPC for your Thrive Architect landing page?" are counter productive.  We have had affiliates send 10's of thousands of visitors to a landing page without conversion and at the same time have had affiliates convert at $10 per click.

It's worth noting that a number of "heavy hitters" in the marketing space have built funnels around our products because they convert better than any other affiliate programs that they've used.

10. Who do I contact for Special Requests?

Send an email to the email address listed below and we will endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours:


We strictly forbid the purchasing of our products through your own affiliate link in order to ensure that credit goes to the correct affiliate.  

We will not pay out commissions to anyone who purchases through their own link.

Any abuse or misconduct will result in a permanent ban from the affiliate program.

12. Where Can I See My Pending Commissions?

Pending commissions are recorded instantly (at the point of purchase) and can be seen by logging into your affiliate dashboard and then clicking on the following link:-

13. How Do I Know if My Account Is Set Up Properly?

Our team is trying to approve all affiliate accounts in less than 7 business days after registration.

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14. Do You Have a Tutorial Page Anywhere?

You can find all of our tutorials here.

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15. Affiliate Program - Terms and Conditions

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