Learn Why Some Course Creators Are Doubling Their Revenue In As Little As 2 Months… And How You Can, Too


How course creators are doubling their revenue without doing new launches… or investing in Facebook ads… or having to create a new course.

Instead, they’re using a handful of carefully selected and proven techniques that are far easier to implement, take less time to do (sometimes less than an hour), and give course creators more time each day to do what they want.
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Learn John's Formula That Quietly, but Consistently Increases Course Sales...

After working with course creators in just about every market you can imagine, (from dog training to digital art to real estate investment to meditation, and so MANY more)… 

… My team and I have identified a shortlist of relatively simple course marketing techniques.

Each of these techniques is proven to increase course sales.

Some of these techniques can be implemented in a single afternoon… and will grow your revenue by as much as 50%.

My entire formula… (all 9 techniques combined)… takes most course creators about two months to execute.

Yet, the average return from executing this formula is a documented 428% increase in sales!

The reason this formula works so well is we keep things simple.

We’re happy to let the “Super Gurus” come up with complicated, time-consuming razzle-dazzle marketing strategies that wear everyone out.

Instead, my team and I prefer to teach you the 80/20 of online course sales. 

These are NOT the big name “buzzworthy” strategies you’ll hear most marketers crow about. No. These are the high-yield, profit-producing methods that quietly but consistently increase sales.

Every hour of your time is valuable. It’s time you could be creating an amazing course, traveling, or living the life you envisioned when you decided to start your business!!!

So if you invest time in marketing, it should yield a measurable return. And doubling your sales is most certainly a measurable return!

If you want to see how to turn a few hours of work into a sizable increase in course sales…

… join me for this free training.

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My sales more than doubled in one month, without advertising or increasing my traffic. And that happened while I was on Holiday! So yeah, it’s even better than I was expecting!

Dennis Moons

Store Growers

When You Join Me For This Unique Training, Here Are Some of The Things You'll Learn:

The #1 way to increase your course sales month after month. Once you adopt this habit, your sales numbers will jump 50% in one month and stay there, month after month.

How to use the power of the “Yes Trigger” to add thousands to your revenue. (This trigger is ridiculously overlooked. It takes an hour to implement and delivers results so fast it’s shocking.)

How to get twice as many premium-level course buyers as you have now. (This also works for high ticket coaching programs.)

The reason more traffic alone won’t really help you scale your course business…BUT, more traffic plus one small change can increase course sales by up to 500%.

The 9 messages your potential customers truly want to hear. Why they will love you for sharing this information with them. And how you can use this content over and over again to consistently attract more students.

The two things new customers MUST SEE if you want them to buy your course and not a competitor’s. (These two things will also increase how much your customers value your course.)

Want to know how many course sales you could be leaving on the table? Use this tool to find out in two clicks.

The one-page diagram that shows the complete course revenue-doubling formula in action… and how you can implement it in your business.

The guaranteed way to double course sales this year. If you do this and it doesn't double your sales, you’ll get paid for failing!

Why creating new products and doing “launches” can actually hurt your business. And, what you can do instead, that will scale your business faster with less work and less burnout.

The mini-mechanism that attracts new customers on autopilot every day and increases revenue by another 10% or more!

This Is For You If:

You have an online course and students

You want a reliable way to increase sales

You believe marketing should be fun (not exhausting)
You’re open to learning new methods

For the past five years, we’ve been helping hundreds of people like you scale their online courses. But now is different. There are more people studying online, there’s more of a demand for online courses – if you know how to position them. We’ve got clients who are up 2x or even 5x their monthly revenue because they know how to take advantage of this moment in time. They’ve got their positioning right, the promotion right, their systems are lined up. Take this opportunity and learn how to get more students and grow your business.

John Ainsworth

Founder of Data Driven Marketing *

* John Ainsworth is the founder of Data Driven Marketing, which helps online course creators increase their average revenue by 428%. With 20 years experience in building funnels and a degree in Mathematics, John has conducted extensive data analysis of hundreds of millions dollars of online business to create the field of Strategic Funnel Optimisation. He’s also a guest lecturer and was featured in Forbes.

What John's Clients Say About Him

Working with Data Driven Marketing for more than five months allowed me to have more time to spend on my business, while the number of leads and revenue was growing every week.

David Belliveau, Paintable

I never ever thought that we could have that sort of success. Such great feedback. Such great ideas, as well. And it’s nice to be in a group of like-minded people.

Lucy Bella Simkins, English With Lucy

From March (when we started working together) until September,

the course sales are twice what they were last year.

David Vignola, Home Recording Made Easy

In the first month of the Instant Course Sales program I had my best month ever. I got $10k more than my previous best month. While I was on a vacation.

Dennis Moons, Store Growers

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