Follow Along: Personal Branding Website



Build a Personal Branding Website with Thrive Theme Builder

You can get all the tools here:
In this livestream, you will discover how Hanne builds her personal brand podcast website from scratch using the Thrive Themes tools. (Expand for timestamps)

7:19 Let's install the tools
10:16 The Site Setup Wizard
22:18 Branding
23:06 Typography
26:08 The Thrive Dashboard - Connect your email marketing service
27:23 The Thrive Dashboard - Smart Site
31:14 The Thrive Dashboard - Google Analytics Code
35:50 Create the core pages of the website
36:59 Publish the first blog post
46:45 Edit the Homepage
49:11 Edit the Header
51:14 Edit the custom menu
52:54 Edit the hero section on the homepage
1:09:00 Using the post list element to show your latest posts
1:14:20 Connect the lead generation opt-in form
1:21:16 Edit the blog post template
1:37:22 Add dynamic global field smart site links
1:47:08 Create the Contact Page (more info on conversion focused contact pages here)
1:55:28 Create the About Page
1:59:05 Customize the Blog List page
2:01:56 Create the confirmation page with a quiz
2:03:20 Build a survey quiz
2:09:34 How to personalize the confirmation page with the subscriber's first name

  • Great content, loved it. I was unable to go back or forward on the video. I would like to revisit some of the parts of the video, but I am unable to without watching the entire video again. Would you be able to fix this so I can easily get to the time stamps? Thanks!

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