Your Course Craft Questions Answered

Click the play button below to see a replay of our recent Course Craft System Webinar

In it, you'll learn the answers to many important questions people like you have when it comes to understanding how Course Craft can help you build an online course business:

We recently opened the sales cart for Course Craft, our first Thrive Themes premium course teaching everything you need to know about online course creation — pretty meta... we know

On top of that, Course Craft comes bundled with our latest Thrive Themes plugin... 

Thrive Apprentice: the most streamlined online course creation toolkit and learning environment for WordPress.

Recently, Thrive Themes co-founder Shane Melaugh answered questions and shared more about Course Craft during a live webinar. This video is a replay of that webinar.

"Creating and selling online courses is THE BEST business model for solopreneurs... especially if just getting started." 

Shane Melaugh

Wait… What is Course Craft?

In Course Craft, you’ll be coached by Shane to learn everything you need to know about turning your knowledge and expertise into high-value online courses with market demand, how to reach your audience, and how to grow and scale your info product empire.

Course Craft also includes Thrive Apprentice, our new online course creation tool that turns your WordPress website into a streamlined virtual learning environment, allowing you to publish courses and lessons in just a few clicks while enrolling students with ease.

Why It’s The Craft That Counts:

Although Thrive Apprentice is the tool you can use to build online courses, it’s your skill as an online course artisan that will transform you into a successful entrepreneur.

Course Craft will, as the name suggests, teach you the craft of making marketable online courses.

If you want to create, market and profit from the sale of high-value courses, then this is the program to get you there. 

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(Course Craft sales end at 11:59PM EST on Saturday 24th February)

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