What If You Want to Use a Different Tool Combo to Setup Your Course?

Watch the video below to learn:

  1. Which tools and services are used in the Course Craft system,
  2. Why we strongly recommend using this setup, and
  3. Why you can — and should — still use the Course Craft system even if you'd rather set up a different online course tool & service combo.

After watching this video, you'll understand why the Course Craft system applies to any online course business setup. 

  • Learn which tools & services we teach the Course Craft system with.

  • Learn exactly why we recommend using these tools and services because it's not a random setup choice that we prescribe lightly.

  • Learn why the Course Craft system will still help you achieve your online course based business goals in a fraction of the time — no matter what online course tool & service stack you decide to use.

And if you do find yourself in a position where you can't use the exact tools I recommend in Course Craft, here are two things you should know about:

First: you can still get great value out of the
Course Craft system.

We start with the tech setup, but 90% of the value in this course comes from how you create your course, validate your idea, find your customers, do a product launch etc.

And second, all of these things can be done using a different set of tools. That is, as long as the tools you use fulfill these requirements:

  • Your customers can conveniently pay you for your course.
  • You can charge and report digital sales tax, automatically (learn more about this here and on our blog here).
  • Paying customers are automatically given access to your course. Non-paying visitors cannot access your course.
  • Your online course contains video and text content and is presented in a pleasing, easy to navigate manner.
  • Customers who purchase your course are automatically added to a mailing list.
  • You have an affiliate program, so you can recruit affiliates and they automatically get paid a commission for referring customers to you.
  • You have full control over your course's pricing and discounts.

Any set of tools that fulfills all of the above criteria is 100% compatible with the Course Craft system. However, the fewer of these requirements your set of tools fulfills, the harder it will be for you to create a thriving online course business.

Have Any Additional Tech Questions about Course Craft?

After watching the Course Craft video about the tools & services you'll use to build your online course business with, you may still have some questions about your specific technical setup or preferences.

Feel free to ask your questions in the comments below so Shane can answer them all for you!

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