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Differences Between a Single Opt-in and a Double Opt-in

There are mailing service providers that support “Single” and “Double opt-in” forms as well.

If you are connecting a Lead Generation element (this can be part of a Thrive Leads form, or it can be a separate element), to such a mailing service, then you will have the option of choosing between those two types.

At the second step of connecting the form to the service, you will need to set the connection details. This is where you can select which type of opt-in to use. Here is the difference between them:

Single opt-in

  • If you choose the “Single opt-in”, the users will be automatically added to your mailing list, right after they use the form to sign up. No other action will be required.

Double opt-in

  • If you select the “Double opt-in”, then your users will have to confirm their subscription/email address before being added to your list.

  • This means that after they sign up using the form, they will receive a notification email containing a confirmation link/button. Once they click on the link/button from the email, their subscription will be confirmed and they will be added to the mailing list.

If you need more information about how to use the Lead Generation element, please check out this article.

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