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Editing a Thrive Ultimatum Design in Thrive Architect

After having created your first campaign, the last and most important step is to design your countdown timer with the Thrive Architect editor.

Choose the Design Type

Thrive Ultimatum campaigns can be set to appear as top/bottom ribbons, in your sidebar, as widgets, or in your content, as shortcodes:

You can choose the design type from your Thrive Ultimatum dashboard, by clicking on the “New Design” card:

Select the type that you want from the lightbox that appears on the screen and click “Continue”:

Choose a Template for Your Campaign

You will next have to choose a template for this design, by clicking on the pencil icon:

Next, the Thrive Architect editor will open and you will be able to select a template for the chosen design.

The library will have different templates depending on the type of design you have chosen on the previous step (top/bottom ribbon, widget, shortcode):

Edit the Design with Thrive Architect

Editing your campaign with Thrive Architect is the same as editing any other page, or a Thrive Leads form. You can change colors, add extra elements, edit the text, button design, etc.

To edit an element from the template, simply select it, and then, the available options will show up on the sidebar editor.

For example, to start customizing the text, select it and then apply any options you see fit, from the left sidebar editor or from the text panel:

Another specific feature you can use here is the “Dynamic links” one. You have the option of creating a text link that, when clicked, will automatically hide/close the campaign:

You can read more about how to use this feature in the dedicated section of this article.

If you select the countdown timer, you can change the template and the design of it from the same left sidebar options:

In the same way, any of the elements found in the template can be edited. For example, if you click on the button, a new set of options will show up on the left sidebar editor:

When the user clicks the button, he or she should be automatically redirected to the offer or product that you have advertised in your campaign.

You can use the “Button Link” option for that, and just search for the redirect page from your website in the “Target URL” field:

Or you can use the “Animation and Action” section of the left sidebar to create a hyperlink:

Once you click the “hyperlink” option, you will be able to search for redirect URL in the search box :

You can read more about what each of these options does in the articles linked below:

You can, of course, edit the look and feel of the entire form. Set the background color, use a background image/pattern, add a border to the form, etc.

To bring changes to the entire background of the form, simply click on it, and use the options available on the sidebar editor:

You can find out how all of the features in Thrive Architect work here:

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If so, don’t forget to rate it, below.

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