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Extending Thrive Themes Capabilities as a Developer

We have started to incorporate ways in which you, as a developer, are able to create custom functions/actions and overall extend the capabilities of Thrive Themes features.

You can find our developer documentation here:

This article serves the purpose of showing you the resources we’ve provided for the developers that have found themselves looking for ways to go a bit further with the Thrive Themes features.

Here are the functionalities that we’ve incorporated for developers thus far:

→ Thrive Themes Action Hooks & Custom Functions

All our products at Thrive Themes come with a set of helpful hooks so you can extend the functionality with your own custom logic. This article lists all of the actions and custom functions, as well as the parameters used in each of them:

→ Developing Custom Rules for the Conditional Display Feature

Thrive Architect gives you the possibility to register your own custom conditional display rules. Here are some useful resources:

→ Extending the Capabilities of Thrive Automator

Developers can extend the limitations of Thrive Automator, and that can be done by installing a plugin that can be found in GitHub and using some Thrive Automator integration examples our developers have included there.

Here are the necessary resources for this:

These are the ways in which you can currently work around Thrive Themes plugins, as a developer.

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