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Finding a Google Drive Folder URL to Upload a File Using Lead Generation Element

You can easily add and set up a “File Uploading” field into a “Lead Generation” element, which you have connected to a file storage service. This way, people will be able to upload their files onto your website, and those files will be stored in the folder of your choice.

This article will show you how to find the Google Drive folder URL, which you can then add to the “Folder URL” field, when setting up the “File Upload” field.

Find the URL for a Google Drive folder

In the case of a Google Drive folder, you can either add the entire URL, or just the folder ID.

First of all, access your Google Drive account, and sign in, if you haven’t already.

Then, locate the folder where you want the files to be stored into, or create a new one, if needed. Check out this article if you need to find out how to create a new folder in Google Drive.

Open the folder, by double clicking on it:

Once you open the folder, the folder URL will be found in the URL section of your browser:

If you want to get the folder ID, and insert that in the “Folder URL” field, when configuring the “Lead Generation” file uploading field, then you should keep in mind that the folder ID is the part of the folder URL that comes after the “/folders/” section:

Here is an example of a Google Drive folder URL inserted in the “Folder URL” field:

Whether you add the entire URL, or just the ID of the folder, this will be the folder where the uploaded files will be stored into.

Check out these articles, as well, if you want to find out how to connect a “Lead Generation” element to your Google Drive or Dropbox accounts, and add a “File Upload” field:

For even more information about various Thrive Themes features, please check out our knowledge base. I hope this article was useful. If so, make sure to leave a smile below 🙂

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