Adding a Phone or Email Dynamic Link

There are a few ways to include your company email or phone number on a page/post from your site.

Here are some articles that explain how you can link an email or a phone number using “Button” or “Text” elements from Thrive Architect:

This article will show you how to achieve this using dynamic text.

Add a ‘click to call’ phone number

First of all, open the page or post in Thrive Architect. Then, select the text (or click anywhere next to your text):

Go to the “Dynamic Link” section of the top panel:

As a source, select the “Global Fields” one:

Select the “Phone number” option from the second field:

A checkbox will appear, letting you enable click to call:

Make sure the option is checked, and click on “Insert”:

Then, save the page. Now, the phone number will be inserted and each time someone clicks on it (or taps on it from a mobile device), they will be prompted to call your business:

Note: If you leave the ‘Enable click to call’ option unchecked, the phone number will be inserted as regular text.

Add a ‘click to email’ email address

The same can be done with an email address. Select the desired text or click anywhere inside a “Text” element box:

Then go to the ‘Dynamic text’ section of the top panel:

Again, select the “Global fields’ source:

Naturally, choose the “Email address” option:

Make sure the “Enable click to email” option is checked, and click on “Insert”:

Save the page and you’re all set!

And that’s how you can quickly insert ‘click to call’ or ‘click to email’ links into your pages.

Hopefully, this article was useful. Make sure to check out the rest of the articles from our knowledge base, as well.

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