Full Width Page Templates – How Do I Get One?

In some instances, you may want to build a piece of content with a full-width page template. This is particularly useful if you’re building direct response landing pages such as lead capture pages or sales pages.

In order to have a full-width page template – your theme must have a template that you can use. It’s not possible for any plugin (such as Thrive Architect) to package a full-width page template that matches the style of your theme.

“I’m using a Thrive Theme – Do You Have a Full Width Template I Can Use?”

Yes, absolutely!

All Thrive Themes come with a number of templates that you can use to create content.

When creating a post or page, simply look for the option underneath the standard WordPress editor that looks like this:

The selection of templates may differ depending on which theme of ours you’re using, but there will always be a full-width template available for you to build content on.

“I’m Not Using a Thrive Theme and I Don’t Have a Full Width Page Template. What Should I Do?”

Here is a list of options for you:

  1. ​You can contact the theme author and ask them to include a full-width page template in their theme files for building direct response pages.

  2. You can contact a freelancer from somewhere like odesk.com or elance by posting a job.

  3. If you have a bit of coding knowledge you can modify an existing template in your theme so that it’s full width. There are plenty of tutorials about how to do this online.

Blank Page Templates Without Brand Design

​If you’re looking for a completely blank page template without any of your theme design or branding then you can use our Blank Full Width landing page template.

The Blank Full Width landing page is part of the Thrive Templates Cloud.

Click here if you’re looking for instructions on how to load a landing page to your website.

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