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Inserting Thrive Apprentice Dynamic Information Into the Course List Element

If you’re using the “Course List” element in Thrive Architect, you will be able to add a list of your Thrive Apprentice courses into your pages or posts.

As we’ve also explained here, you can customize this element in different ways, one of which is adding dynamic information to it, such as the “Course Title”, “Course Description”, etc:

If you want to find out how to do that, keep reading this article.

1. Enter the “Edit Mode” of the element

To be able to add new elements into the “Course List” element, you will first have to enter the “Edit Mode”. For that, select the element. Its options will appear in the left sidebar. Click on “Edit Design”:

This will open the “Edit Mode”, which grants you control to customize all of the items inside the “Course List” element.

2. Add a “Text” element

You can then go ahead and click on the plus sign from the right sidebar, to open the list of all the elements. Look for the “Text” element, grab it, and drag and drop it inside the “Course List” element:

3. Choose the source

Once the “Text” element has been added, use the “Dynamic Text” option, and choose the “Apprentice Course Data” source:

Here is the dynamic information that can be inserted from the “Apprentice Course Data” source list:

If you need more information about inserting dynamic information into your Thrive Architect posts and pages, check out this article.

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