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Lead Details Sent in the Notification Email After Form Submission

If you set up an “Email Connection” for a form on your page, that you have created with the “Lead Generation” element, then every time a user completes the form, a notification email will be sent to the email address specified by you.

You can find comprehensive details about this setup in the article here.

The [form_fields] shortcode details

Just as described in the previously mentioned article, you can customize every aspect of the notification email. This includes the message part, the actual text of the notification email as well.

When you set up the “Message” field of the email, in the “Settings” section of the pop-up from the left sidebar, you will see that by default, the [form_fields] shortcode is displayed in it:

This shortcode represents every piece of information that users will fill out your form with. This is why we recommend keeping the shortcode when you customize the message of the email.

This way, the notification email that is sent when the form is completed, will include the details submitted by the users who completed the form in a list format. These details will depend on what fields you set up for your form in the “Lead Generation” element.

As an example: If you have set up the “Name”, the “Email” and the “Phone” fields for your form, then the data completed for these fields will be rendered/will be displayed in the notification email by the [form_fields] shortcode like this:

Conclusion: So, whatever fields you may have in the form created with the “Lead Generation” element, if you keep the shortcode in the message of the email, you will receive the data submitted by users in each of the fields.

Additional information

Besides the form fields information, you can also include additional information in the notification email using the “Include” section of the pop-up from the left sidebar:

All you have to do in order to include these pieces of information in the email as well is to check the checkbox next to them. If you do so, below the form fields information, the notification email will also contain the data you have checked to be included in it.

For example, in the following notification email, I have chosen to include every additional information (you can see them highlighted):

If you need further information about how various Thrive Architect elements work and how to use them, please check out our knowledge base.

Hopefully, this article was useful for you. If so, please give us a smile below 🙂

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