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Organizing the Lessons in Chapters with Thrive Apprentice

Using Thrive Apprentice is a simple and easy solution for building and adding courses to your website.

Once you have created a course and the lessons you would like to present in it, you can organize these lessons in Chapters. This will make the course easier to follow for the visitors/subscribers of your website.

If you need detailed info on how to get started with Thrive Apprentice, please check out the articles about creating courses and lessons.

Adding Chapters

After your course is created and saved along with the lessons in it, you can go to the “Courses” section of your Thrive Apprentice navigation bar and click on it:

Once you have accessed it, you will have to click on the “Content” tab:

In the new dashboard that opens, click on the blue plus sign button:

This will trigger a pop-up where you can select what type of content you would like to add – lessons, chapters, or modules. Since you want to create chapters for your lessons, click on “+Add Chapter”:

Now, you will be prompted with a warning message letting you know that the existing lessons will be moved inside the new chapter that you are about to create:

This happens because chapters cannot be empty and if you have chapters, lessons should not be unassigned. However, you can move the lessons to other chapters anytime.

Click on the “Continue” button to proceed with creating the chapter. Then, you will have to give a title to the chapter, by typing or pasting it in the designated field. When you have the title, click on “Save”:

Just as simple as that, you will see that your lessons are now structured in a chapter too:

Chapter Options

Add new Lessons or Chapters

You can easily add new lessons to your chapter or a new chapter to your course by clicking on the “Add Lesson” or the “Add Chapter” button, which you can see under the lessons:

Then, just follow the instructions given in the pop-ups to proceed.

Note: When you publish a lesson, that is in a chapter that is not published yet, the chapter will also be published along with the lesson.

Edit the name of the Chapter

If you want to change the name of a chapter, hover your mouse over the current name of the chapter and you will see the edit option (pencil icon) appear:

Click on it and you will be able to change the name of your chapter.

Change the order of lessons

You can easily rearrange the order of the lessons you have in a certain chapter by clicking on the dotted left side of the lesson and then, drag and drop it to the desired position:

You can also move lessons from one chapter to another with this drag and drop method.

Delete the Chapter

In case you don’t need a chapter anymore, you can delete it by clicking on the “Delete Chapter” button from the upper right corner of the respective chapter:

Note: Please keep in mind that deleting a chapter will also result in deleting every lesson that is in that chapter.

Once you confirm that this is indeed what you wish to do, the chapter will be deleted.

If you need a way to structure your course even further, click here to see how the Modules feature of Thrive Apprentice works.

Also, in case you would like to know about the Bulk Actions that you can take while building your course, please check out this article.

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