Setting a New Template as the Default Template

This article will go through the steps that you need to take in order to set a template that you have just created, to be the default one. As an example, I will use a “Post Template”, but please keep in mind that the steps are the same for both the “List” and “Page” Templates.

1. Open the “Templates” section

In the Thrive Theme Builder dashboard, access the “Templates” section from the left sidebar.

2. Create a New Template

If you want to create a new template, this is the next step. If you have already created your template, please move on to the next one.

For this step, we have created three different articles, to make the process of adding new templates as clear as possible. Therefore, please check out these resources, if you want in-depth details about how to add new templates:

3. Click on the “More” option

After you access the “Templates” section, a list with the “Core Templates” will open. Look for the template that you want to set as default. If the template is not in the “Core Templates” list, use the drop-down from the top side, to choose the group with the templates that contain the template that you’re looking for.

The drop-down can be accessed by clicking on “Core Templates”, and the groups of templates are better described here:

If you have just created the template, you will be taken straight to it, after you add it. Then, once you find the template, click on the “More” option (three dots icon) to open a list with some settings:

4. Click on the “Set as default” option from the list

When you click on the three dots icon, a list with some options will open:

Then, from this list, click on “Set as default”:

Note: If the template you are managing is the default one already, then please keep in mind that neither the “Set as default”, nor the “Delete” option will not be available for the template.

After this, the template will be the new “Default Post Template”, and you will be able to see this label on it:

This is how you can set a template as the default one. Feel free to also check out these articles, which describe the rest of the options from the “More” list of options:

You can also find more information about various Thrive Theme Builder features in our knowledge base.

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