Setting up Stripe in Thrive Apprentice

Do you want to restrict a course or product access in Thrive Apprentice and make it available to only those who’ve made payments? You can enable this by connecting Thrive Apprentice with Stripe.

In this document, we’ll show you how to connect Thrive Apprentice with Stripe to enable a mandatory access requirement, obtain a Stripe API key, and add a product to Stripe.

The process includes the following steps:

  1. Enabling Product Access Requirements in Thrive Apprentice
  2. Creating the Restricted API key, Granting Required Permissions, and Adding the Key in Thrive Apprentice (No longer needed for Stripe versions 1.3.0 onwards)
  3. Adding a Product to Your Stripe Account
  4. Connecting Your Stripe Product in Thrive Apprentice

Enabling Product Access Requirements in Thrive Apprentice

Thrive Apprentice allows you to set access requirements such as WordPress roles, ThriveCart Products, and more. This is extended with Stripe and Custom Payment links.

To enable access requirements, open your WordPress admin area and navigate to Thrive Dashboard >> Thrive Apprentice.

In the Thrive Apprentice dashboard, click Products in the left panel.

On the Products page, click the product you want to add to the access requirement.

When you open the specific product page, click the Access requirements option in the left column.

On the Access Requirements page, you’ll find Stripe highlighted in the list of requirements.

To get started with the Stripe connection, click the Connect Stripe button.

You’ll be taken to the Stripe website when you click the Connect Stripe button. This is where you can enter the email address of your associated Stripe account.

If you don’t have an existing Stripe account, enter your email address so Stripe can help you create a free one.

Once you’ve logged into or created your account and entered valid information, please ensure you’ve enabled the Test mode in Stripe.

A test mode lets you test new integrations before implementing them on the live account. Here’s a document from Stripe that will help you know more about the test mode.

To enable the test mode, click on the slider seen on the top right of your Stripe account dashboard.

The next step here is to create and add a Restricted API key.

Creating the Restricted API key, Granting Required Permissions, and Adding the Key in Thrive Apprentice

Note: A Restricted API Key is no longer needed if you are using Stripe version 1.3 onwards.

A Restricted API Key is used to integrate Stripe with your website.

After logging in to your Stripe account, you’ll be taken to the Access Requirements page in the Thrive Apprentice dashboard on your website. This is where you’ll be asked to enter a Restricted API key and grant the mentioned permissions.

Note: Before creating a restricted API key, please ensure the restricted API key is created in the same business account you created or logged in the previous step.

To view the permissions you need to grant, click Show required permissions in the second bullet point on the right.

To start with the integration, you’ll first need to create a dedicated restricted API key for this integration.

To create a new Restricted API key in Stripe, ensure you’re logged in to your Stripe account, open your Stripe account dashboard, and click the Developers menu item.

On the Developers page in Stripe, click API Key to open the API tab.

Also, since you’ve enabled the Test mode to test the integration, click the slider beside View test data.

On the API page, scroll down to the Restricted keys section and click Create restricted key.

Clicking the button will take you to a page where you can create the restricted API key by giving it a name and granting permissions from the list below.

According to the Thrive Apprentice interface, the permissions you need to grant are:

  • Checkout Session (Write)
  • All Webhook resources (Write)
  • All connect resources (Read)
  • Charges (Read)
  • Events (Read)
  • Invoices (Read)
  • PaymentIntent (Read)
  • Prices (Read)
  • Products (Read)
  • Subscriptions (Read)

To grant permissions, click the permission you want to grant beside the mentioned resources on the Create restricted API key page.

After granting the required permissions, click the Create Key button.

When you click the Create key, you’ll be taken back to the API key page, where you’ll find a restricted API key added. On this page, click Reveal test key to view the newly created API key.

To copy the newly created API key, just click on it.

Once you copy the key, open your Thrive Apprentice dashboard, paste the restricted API key, and click the save icon beside it to validate the integration.

Adding the restricted API key as above will initiate the connection between Thrive Apprentice and your Stripe account.

Adding a Product to Your Stripe Account

Once you’ve initiated the connection between your Stripe account and a product in Thrive Apprentice, you’ll be prompted to select a product from the Stripe account in the Thrive Apprentice interface.

If you’ve not created a product in your Stripe account, you’ll see a screen prompting you to create your first Stripe product. You must click this button to start creating a product in Stripe.

To add a product to your Stripe account, open your Stripe account dashboard in another tab and click the Products menu item in your Stripe account.

On the Products page, click the +Add product button on the right.

When you click on the +Add product button, you’ll be taken to a page where you can enter the product details, such as the product name, description, pricing, etc.

Need help adding the details? You can read more about products and prices in Stripe in their dedicated knowledge base article here.

Using the Multiple Currency Option in Stripe!

The integration of Thrive Apprentice with Stripe allows you to add multiple currencies displayed for a single product depending on where the customer is purchasing from.

You can add more currencies while adding a product to Stripe.

After you’ve entered the product name, description, and pricing, click +Add more currencies.

When you click the link, you’ll see a dropdown saying Choose a currency.

When you click the dropdown, you can select a currency you want to add. Similarly, you can add as many currencies as you want one by one.

After you’ve entered all the product details, click the Add Product button on the top right corner.

Connecting Your Stripe Product in Thrive Apprentice

After connecting your Stripe account with Thrive Apprentice and adding a product to Stripe, it is time to select the Stripe product in Thrive Apprentice.

The window seen after the product is created in Stripe, you can select that in the respective dropdown and the pricing in the dropdown beside it.

Once you’ve selected the Stripe product, you can decide what the user sees after a successful or failed purchase.

After adding the product, click the Save button on the bottom right of the screen.

We’ve just seen how you can connect a Thrive Apprentice product with Stripe in test mode. Once this works fine, you can change the environment to live by clicking in the Environment dropdown under Stripe connection.

Switching to Live in the dropdown will display a confirmation popup where you must agree and proceed.

After you switch the environment to Live, you can create a real restricted API key and a product in Stripe by following the steps above.

This is how you can set up Stripe in Thrive Apprentice.

Next, you can also enable access expiry for products. Here’s our document to help you know more about enabling access expiry in Thrive Apprentice.

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