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Setting up the Unlock Conditions for Drip Schedules

Thrive Apprentice 4.0 has just been released! Check out this blog post to see what changes will be applied once you update.

Read this article to find out all there is to know about creating and customizing the Unlock Options of each content affected by your drip schedules.

What are the Unlock Conditions?

Once you set a drip schedule for your course, you are able to see the lesson unlock conditions and add new ones.

This means that you can choose which type of content should the condition unlock (lessons/modules), as well as which of the lessons/modules should be the one after which the content will start dripping.

Moreover, you can choose specific content release dates, or you can customize an interval of time after which the content gets released to the users/customers.

Since the tool is so versatile, it will be very easy for you to customize the unlock conditions of each piece of content exactly as you wish.

How do I add more conditions for the same lesson?

You are able to add more than a singular unlock condition for the same lesson or module.

To do that, access your course and go to the “Drip” tab:

You will see a list of all the drip schedules created for this course.

Open up the one that contains the lesson for which you want to add multiple unlock conditions, by either clicking directly on it or by clicking on the pencil icon:

You will be able to see the campaign schedule, as well as when the content is going to be unlocked, according to the options that you have set up when creating the drip schedule:

Let’s say that, for one of the lessons of this course, we want to set one more unlock condition, and make it unlock at a specific hour of the day.

For that, go to that lesson and click on its unlock condition:

This will open a pop-up with the available unlock options:

From the first section of the pop-up, you can choose if all the conditions should be met for the content to be released, or just one of them:

Then, you have the list of the current rules that have been set already:

You can add a new rule by using this option, found below the existing rules:

And you can choose one from the drop-down that opens:

After setting up the new rule, click on “Add” to save the changes:

You will see all the rules listed as such:

One more thing that you can do from this pop-up is to choose how the list of lessons shows the lessons that have not yet been unlocked:

The options that you have here are the following:

  • Inherited (displayed): All lessons are visible whether the content has been unlocked or not:

  • Hidden: The lessons that have not yet been unlocked are hidden from the list of lessons:

  • Displayed as locked: The lessons are visible, but users will know that the content is not yet available:

Can I change them after the campaign has started?

Yes, you can change the unlock conditions and the entire drip schedule while having students already taking the course.

However, it is to be remembered that any change you make to the schedule will immediately be applied to the course, and will therefore affect any students who are currently enrolled.

If the new schedule is more restrictive than the original one, this could potentially result in them losing access to lessons, including lessons they have already completed.

This is how you can set up the unlock conditions for your Thrive Apprentice content.

Hopefully, this article was useful to you. Please check out our knowledge base for more information on Thrive Apprentice or other Thrive Suite plugins.

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