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Should I Integrate WishList Member With Thrive Apprentice?

WishList Member is another membership plugin that you can integrate into your site, if you are looking for ways to create a membership-based course.

This plugin offers powerful features, including access control, multiple membership levels, payment processing, marketing tools and so on.

Integrate Thrive Apprentice with WishList Member if:

  • You are looking for a tool that allows you to create multiple membership levels;

  • You’re looking for a tool that can be quickly connected to a payment gateway;

  • You want all the maintenance to be done from within the WordPress dashboard, without having to access databases or write code;

You may want to avoid WishList Member if…

  • You’re on a tight budget and need a plugin that can be installed on multiple sites;

The Customer Experience

A visitor tries to access a course they do not have access to (because you’ve set up the access restriction rules and limited the access using WishList Member).

They will be informed that they need to log in first, and, depending on the settings you choose from Thrive Apprentice, they can be:

  • redirected to a login/registration page

  • shown custom content

  • redirected to a custom page

You can read more about all of these options and how to set them up here.

How to Set Up WishList Member with Thrive Apprentice

Here are some resources to help you get started integrating Thrive Apprentice with this service:

Not sure if you should integrate with this service or not? See this helpful article for more information: Should I integrate with a checkout tool or a membership plugin?

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