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Should I Use SendOwl With Thrive Apprentice?

SendOwl is an e-commerce platform, that you can use to sell digital products directly from your website. The platform uses payment gateways (such as PayPal, Stripe, etc.), and delivers your digital products to the buyers, once the purchase has been completed.

This way you do not need to get involved in the transaction, as SendOwl will provide all the necessary tools for it.

You will need a paid SendOwl account in order to connect to Thrive Apprentice.

Integrate Thrive Apprentice with SendOwl if…

  • You want to have an easy buying experience for your courses, without going through an elaborate setup process
  • You want a platform that doesn’t take any percentage from selling your products (you are the sole owner of your products, and SendOwl does not claim any copyright over them)
  • Are happy with not getting involved in the payment process, as they are handling it for you
  • You want a platform that allows you to connect with mailing list providers so that all the buyers can be automatically added to mailing lists
  • You want to be able to run various schemes to increase sales or to upsell buyers in the checkout flow
  • You plan to sell directly from your website, your blog, or social media accounts

You may want to avoid SendOwl if…

  • You want a platform that offers integrated payment processing (if you choose anything else than PayPal, you have to use your own account with another provider such as Stripe, or BitPay)
  • Another reason why users might not like SendOwl is the fact that they need to create an account first, before payment.

The SendOwl Customer Experience


The SendOwl checkout process is simple and straightforward. You can easily add a SendOwl checkout button to your WordPress website.

Once clicked, the button will take the visitor to a registration page. This is a page that you have set up in your Thrive Apprentice dashboard. The visitor can therefore either register for a new account or login into an already existing account and afterwards, be redirected to SendOwl for payment.

After the payment has been successfully processed, the user will be redirected to the course index page or a “Thank You Page” (depending on what you have set up), and will also receive a confirmation email with the download link for the course.


Cancellations and Refunds

The cancellations and order refunds can be administered directly from your SendOwl account. You only need to access the “Ordres” section of your left sidebar and access the order for which you want to revoke the access or issue a refund.

We have a dedicated article in our knowledge base, which you can read to find out more in-depth information about the process.

Upsells, checkout funnels, and order bumps

You can use features such as “abandoned cart”, “PDF stamping”, “two-factor authentication”, “discount codes” and many more:

If you want to read more about the features included in the SendOwl checkout process, this section might be useful to you.


SendOwl also allows you to sell your products as bundles, and sell multiple products in a single transaction.

Check out this article for more details about how to create a SendOwl bundle and how to set it up in Thrive Apprentice.

How to Setup SendOwl with Thrive Apprentice

You might find these resources useful if you are planning to integrate Thrive Apprentice with your SendOwl account:

If you don’t know if whether a membership plugin or a checkout tool is the best solution for you, then you should also check out this article:

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