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Using a ‘Download Certificate’ Button on a ‘Course Completed’ Template

Suppose you decide to issue certificates when one of your students successfully finishes a Thrive Apprentice course that you’ve created. In that case, you can include a “Download Button” for them.

This can be done by accessing the page set up for the course completion behaviour and adding a “Download Certificate” button to the Apprentice template.

If you need more information about setting up what happens once someone successfully completes a course, check out this article about course completion behaviour.

And if you need more information on how to create and design Thrive Apprentice templates, check out this section of our knowledge base.

There are two ways in which you can access the Apprentice template that is applied to your Course Completion page:

  • you can access the course completion page, open it using the Thrive Architect editor and switch to the Thrive Apprentice template editor directly from there;

  • or you can access the “Design” tab of Thrive Apprentice and edit the template applied to your course completion page;

We will go through both of these methods below:

Access the template from the page directly

To access the page that you have set up for course completion, access the course and go to the “Course Completion” tab:

You will have two available sections here – one that lets you choose what happens when someone finishes a course, and one that lets you issue and customize a certificate.

In the “Course Completion Behaviour” section you’ll be able to see the page where the students will be sent after finishing the course. This can be an auto-generated one, or a custom one, depending on the setup you’ve created.

We will have to access the Thrive Architect editor:

Once the editor opens, you will see that you can only add and customize the content of the page from here, but you’re not able to customize anything related to the design of the template. This is because you have to access the Apprentice template.

For that, in the right sidebar, click on this button:

This will access the template that is applied to your page, and from here you have the possibility to add or remove various elements from the template design. Clicking on the plus sign from the right sidebar will open the list of available elements that can be added to this template. One of them is the “Download Certificate” button:

Drag and drop the element where you best see fit:

The options of the element will appear in the left sidebar. You can customize the element as you wish using them. If you need information on each of these options, please read this article that goes through each of them, individually.

Access the template from the template editor

The other way to access a Thrive Apprentice template is by going to the “Design” tab:

From here, go to your active design (or the one that you want to apply to the course completion page) and edit it:

On the “Template editor” card, click on “Manage Templates”:

Find the Course Completion template that is applied to your Course Completed page, hover over it and click on “Edit”, to access the Thrive Apprentice editor:

Once the template editor opens, just like in the first shown method, you will be able to start adding and customizing elements on your template:

And, as a student, once the course has been successfully completed, you will be able to click on this “Download certificate” button to receive your diploma.

Hopefully, this article was useful to you. If you need more information on Thrive Apprentice certificates, Thrive Apprentice in general, or any other Thrive Themes products, make sure to check out our knowledge base.

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