Using the QR Code Element in Thrive Architect

When editing a certificate in Thrive Apprentice, you are able to add a “QR Code” element to it. The code can be added to allow the verification of any certificate issued when a student finishes a Thrive Apprentice course.

When the code is scanned by a mobile device, an admin will be taken to a Course Verification page, with a report that lets them know if the certificate is valid or not.

This article will show you how to add and customize it.

Firstly, you will need to access the completion certificate. For that, go to your course and access the “Course Completion” tab:

In that tab, make sure the “Issue course completion certificate” toggle is enabled:

To add and customize the “QR code”, we will need to access the Thrive Architect editor for the certificate:

Once the editor opens, you will have full control over customizing the certificate. You can add and remove elements from it. To open the list of available elements that can be dragged and dropped over the certificate, click on the plus sign from the right sidebar:

This opens a list of elements, amongst which you will also see the “QR Code” one:

You can drag and drop this element anywhere you see fit on the certificate.

As you do this, the options of the “QR Code” element will appear in the left sidebar:

As you can see, the element will be similar to the “Image” element, but the options will be a bit different:

Element Type

The QR code loads with a dynamic source by default:

Of course, this can be changed if needed (but changing the source here will defeat the purpose of having a QR code on the certificate), and you can choose a different dynamic source, or you can turn it into a static one:

You you opt for a static source, you’ll have this additional source text field that you can fill out:


You then get to pick the color combinations of the code:

Just as already mentioned in the highlighted note, there are some color combinations that might not be scanned successfully. So keep in mind that if you decide to change them, it’s best to test the code by scanning it with your phone, to make sure it works properly.


The size of the QR code can be modified by dragging this slider from side to side or by entering a numerical value in the field next to the slider:

Tip: You can change the unit of measurement (from pixels to percentages) by clicking on “PX”, in the numerical field.

These are the main options available for a “Verification QR Code” added to a course completion certificate in Thrive Apprentice.

I really hope this article was useful to you. Make sure to check out the rest of the articles and tutorials from our knowledge base, in case you need more information on Thrive Apprentice or any other Thrive Themes plugin.

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