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Using the Foundation Element in Thrive Theme Builder

Some of the elements from the Thrive Theme Builder editor are the same ones as the elements from the Thrive Architect editor – this is the reason why we haven’t created separate articles for them.

The way to use and customize these elements is the same, just as you would handle the Thrive Architect ones.

In both the editors, you can open the list of all the available elements by clicking on the plus sign from the right sidebar:

The elements that can be found in the “Foundation” section of the list of elements are the same ones in both of the editors:

When using the Thrive Theme Builder editor, if you need information about these elements, please feel free to check out the following articles:

The way to customize these elements is just as presented in the articles, for both the Thrive Architect and the Thrive Theme Builder editors.

If you need more information about Thrive Theme Builder and its various features, make sure to check out our knowledge base.

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