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Using the Lesson Resources Element in Thrive Architect

The “Lesson Resources” element allows you to easily display your Thrive Apprentice lesson resources anywhere on your posts or pages or Thrive Apprentice templates.

In other words, the attachments that you have added to your Thrive Apprentice lessons as resources can now be displayed on your website with the help of the “Lesson Resources” element.

Find out below how to use and customize the element:

Add the Element

First of all, to be able to use the element, you will have to add it to your pages, posts, or templates. In the below example, we will be adding it to a page.

In your Thrive Architect editor, click on the plus sign from the right sidebar:

Look for the element within the available list – you can find it under the “Thrive Integrations” section:

Next, drag and drop the element to your page:

Shortly after you do that, you will see this drop-down list. Click on the arrow to open it:

Here, you will be able to view all your Thrive Apprentice courses and select the one that you want:

Next, proceed with opening the second drop-down list that appears on your screen:

Your course lessons might have multiple resources added to them, therefore go ahead and select the lesson which has the resources you want to display:

As soon as you do that, your lesson resource will be visible and ready to be used as a Thrive Architect element:

You can now start customizing it with the help of the left sidebar options:

Choose the Template

This element is template driven, therefore, from the first section of the left sidebar, you will be able to apply a different template to your element:

Choose one of the available templates from the library and click on “Replace Template”:

The design of the element will change and, if you want, you can proceed with using the rest of the options available in the left sidebar:

Use the Main Options

There are multiple ways in which you can further customize your element, with the help of the “Main Options”:

Course & Lesson

The next field from the left sidebar allows you to change the resource that is currently displayed with another one.

The “Dynamic” option is selected by default, as the element will load the resource from the lesson that you have selected in the previous step:

So it will basically auto detect the current lesson in which you have attached that particular resource.

However, if you want to change the currently selected resource, simply click on the “Static link” option:

You will next be able to select from these two drop-down lists, the new course and lesson from which you want to load the resource:

For example, I know that within my “Learn How to Doodle” course, I have resources added in my “Patterns from Nature” lesson, so I’ll just go ahead and select it from the list:

As soon as I do that, the new resources will be displayed on my page:

If, for example, you select a lesson that does not have any resource added to it, then this message will be displayed in your sidebar, letting you know that no resources were found for it:

In addition to this, a “dummy” set of resources and texts will appear on your page, to show you how the resources would look like if you’d have any attached to that particular lesson. However, on the front end, they are not visible.

Download/Open buttons

Furthermore, you might notice that depending on the resource you choose here, the download/open buttons from your element will change as well:

This behavior is influenced by how you have attached the resource to your lesson.

If your resource has been added directly from your site content, or as a “Link to file/URL”

  • then the visitor will be able to “Open” it:

Whilst, if the resource has been uploaded to your site:

  • then the visitors will be able to both “Download” and “Open” it:


You can opt-out of displaying the heading of your element, from the next toggle:

File type icon

Just as well, you can choose to display the resource icon or not:


If your lesson resource has a description added to it, then you will be able to show it under the resource name:

Download button

And lastly, use this toggle if you want to allow your site’s visitors to view the “Download” button and hence, download the resource directly from this page:

Note: Keep in mind that the “Download” button will only be available for those resources that have been uploaded to your lessons.

Icons vertical position

If you want to adjust the vertical positions of the icons, use one of the three available options:

This is how each of the options works:

Buttons vertical position

And lastly, modify the positioning of the buttons from the next available set of options:

See which type of positioning suits you best:

Grouped Styling

You might have noticed that each item of the element is clickable and can be further customized (icons, text, buttons, etc.). In order to do that, you just have to select the part you want to edit and the main options will appear in the left sidebar:

Here are some resources that might help you here:

One more thing worth considering here is that if you select, for example, an item that appears in multiple areas of your element, you will be able to access the group styling feature.

For example, the “Open” button appears two times in my element, next to each resource:

If I select just one of them, I will be able to access the left sidebar “Group Styling” options and apply changes to both buttons at the same time:

Furthermore, if you open the “Grouped Styling” drop-down list, you will be able to individually select the set of items that you want to edit:

If I select the “Icons” field, then I can modify all icons available in my element, at the same time:

Whenever you want to return to the “Main Options” of the element, click on the “Exit Group Styling” button:

You can check out this article for more information about the “Group Styling” feature.

Use the Rest of the Options

If you want to bring more changes to your element, use the remaining options available in the left sidebar:

We have dedicated articles created for each of them, that might come in handy to you:

Hopefully, this article about how to use the “Lesson Resources’ element was useful to you.

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