Using the Style Editor in Thrive Landing Pages

Do you want to customize an imported landing page with your desired color theme and typography? You can inherit styling from the theme or modify it as required.

Note: Inheriting your fonts from your active theme will only be available if Thrive Theme Builder is installed and activated on your site. 

This article will show you how to style the colors and typography on an imported landing page template.

Customizing Colors on a Landing Page

Before we start customizing the color, please make sure you’ve created a landing page using a Thrive Architect template.

When the landing page is imported, click on the paintbrush icon in the right-side panel. This will display different styling options.

When you click on the paintbrush icon, you’ll see a panel with two tabs: Colors and Fonts. Some templates also show a third tab: Elements.

To begin changing the colors, click the Colors tab to see all the options below.

Under the Colors tab, you can modify the color palette for the imported landing page.


Furthermore, under Other Template Colors, you’ll find settings to manage colors for other page parts, like the footer, text, button hover color, etc.

Customizing the Landing Page Typography

The Typography tab in the styling panel lets you control the typography on an imported landing page.

The Font styling tab asks you whether you want to inherit the typography from the website theme or edit it for this page.

In the panel, click on the slider to inherit the typography settings from the theme. To edit the typography, click the Edit landing page typography button.

After you click the Edit landing page typography button, a popup with a list of text sets used on the page will appear.

When you select one text block in this popup, you’ll see all the related typography settings in the left-side panel on the screen.

You can now select the font, color, alignment, formatting, and transformation you want to apply to the selected text block.

You can also change the font size, line height, letter spacing, and more.

After styling all the text blocks in the popup, click the Close button.

After you’ve completed all the styling, be sure to click the Save Work button at the bottom left of your screen. This will save your work on the page.

Customizing Elements on a Landing Page

The Elements tab is visible only for a few Thrive Themes Landing Page templates. This tab has been added or omitted as per the design requirements.

This Elements tab will display the elements used in the imported landing page template. You can select the elements one by one and start styling them.

Similarly, depending on your selected template, you may see several elements under this tab. You can continue selecting and styling them as required.

We’ve just seen how you can use the style editor in Thrive Themes to edit the color, font, and elements on an imported template at once.

Next, if you’d like to manage the settings of a landing page, you can read our article about the settings of an imported landing page to learn more.

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