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Using the TypeFocus Animation on a Text Element in Thrive Architect

The TypeFocus Animation is an option that allows you to add custom animations to the text that you have added on a page.

It gives you the impression that somebody is typing in real time on the website.

This will not only get the visitors to read your message, but it will also allow you to say more without cluttering your website.

You can find instructions on how to properly use the option, inside the Text element tutorial found below. The TypeFocus Animation is presented starting with minute 06:21:

To start using the option, you need to select the text you want to apply the animation on.

Next, go to the sidebar options panel, look for “Text Options” and expand the “Advanced” tab:

The advanced option is the “TypeFocus Animation”. Go ahead and click on “Add” button:

Now, the “TypeFocus Animation” options will expand:

Starting from the top, you will have the following options available:

  • Default – This field will show you the text that you have selected. If you change the text from this field by adding/removing parts of it, it will be changed on the page, as well.

  • Add new – You need to have at least two text variations, so that it can change from one variation to another, when the animation is applied.

  • Pause between animations – Here you can set the pause time between animations, in milliseconds.

  • Blink cursor effect – Select this animation to apply a blinking cursor effect on the text that you have selected. Like this!

  • Highlight – You can apply just the highlight or both the blink cursor and the highlight effect on the text. The highlight!

  • Highlight Color – If you choose the highlight animation, you will have to choose a color for it, as well.

This is how the “TypeFocus Animation” works. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and found it useful! If so, don’t forget to rate it, below 🙂

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