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Overview of the on post/page reports of your headline test

​Please keep in mind that Thrive Headline Optimizer is not ​compatible with the new WordPress editor. Therefore, in order to have access to ​its options, you have to install the Classic Editor plugin first.

This way you will get back the old WordPress editor and you will be able to use Thrive Headline Optimizer.

With Thrive Headline Optimizer, you can create headline tests and you can also view stats for your ongoing test directly from your post/page:

As you can see in the image above, you get two sets of stats for your headline test:

  • ​Engagement rate
  • Thrive Headline Optimizer Test box

Engagement rate

Next to each of the headline variations, you will see some engagements metrics which tell you the engagement rate of each of the headline variations.

For example, the "Follow these 10 steps to have a great website" headline variation above has a ​50% engagement rate, meaning that 50% of visitors that viewed that headline on the website, also created an engagement by fulfilling one of the engagement settings of the headline test.

Thrive Headline Optimizer Test box

With the Thrive Headline Optimizer plugin active you will find a "Thrive Headline Optimizer Test" box next to your post/page title in WordPress:

If you have an ongoing Headline Test on your post/page, in the Thrive Headline Optimizer Test box, you can see live data for your Headline Test.

Below you will find detailed explanations of all the information presented in the box:

  • ​Views: - number of combined views that your post/page has had on your website;
  • Engagements: - the total number of engagements all of your headline variations for this post/page has got. For a detailed view of this information, click the "Details" link;
  • Engagement rate: - is the percentage of people that created any kind of engagement with your post/pages headline variations 

If you clicked on the "Details" link next to the Engagements, more information will appear about your Headlines Test engagements: 

Now that you clicked on the "Details" link, you can see exactly where the Views and Engagements for your Headline Test have come from.

For example, in the image above, you can see that your "Clicks", "Scrolls" and "Time on site" have each 4 views, while 3 visitors that viewed your headline, clicked on it, and they also scrolled to the percentage of the page that you set to be recorded as a engagement, and none of the visitors stayed the amount of time on your website, that you set up to be saved as a engagement. For more information about how to change the engagement settings, click here.

The three links at the bottom of the Thrive Headline Optimizer Test box will give you the opportunity to quickly navigate to the:

  • ​Reports: - will open the Engagement report of the Headline Test of your current post/page;
  • View test: - will open the detailed overview of the stats of your ongoing headline test;
  • Headline Optimizer Home: - will forward you to the Thrive Headline Optimizer Home Dashboard, where you can check any other ongoing tests you have, or create a new one.

​You can also remove the Thrive Headline Optimizer Test box, but why would you do that?, by opening the "Screen Options" drop down:

And unchecking the "Thrive Headline Optimizer Test" box: